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    BJJ Competition and Seminar List for February 2013

    Wed, 2013-02-06 15:59 — Benjamin Bieker


    February 24th

    San Francisco Open

    Kezar Pavilion

    April 30th Xande Ribeiro Seminar in Houston Tx

    Fri, 2011-03-25 11:57 — mi130364

     6x World Black Belt Champion & 2x ADCC Champion

    ATOS Mega Black Belt Seminar!

    Mon, 2011-03-14 20:52 — JayPagesJJ

     Let me start this review by saying holy s**t! What an amazing experience! A kid in the candy store feeling doesn’t describe the feeling I had as I sat watched world, national, and international Black Belt champions walk through the door of Atos head, Andre Galvao’s San Diego California Academy. That description would do it justice. I would say what I was feeling that evening was closer to the feeling of one of those kids in the Disney commercial when they jut they realize they’re going to Disneyland for the first time. I was star struck and in awe!

    Half Guard Master Seminar at The tinguinha BJJ academy!!!! Yorba Linda CA

    Mon, 2011-03-07 17:56 — OTM News

    The Tinguinha BJJ Academy has the pleasure to announce a SEMINAR with the Half Guard creator, Roberto "Gordo" Correia. The seminar will have the duration of 2 hours and a half. The legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4th Degree Black Belt master Roberto "Gordo" Correia, the inventor of the half-guard, will be coming to share his knowledge with the Tinguinha BJJ team. He has won every major Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) title at least once. Gordo is considered to be one of the top 5 BJJ masters in Brazil.

    Caio Terra Seminar! Best I've Ever Been To!

    Fri, 2011-01-14 09:32 — JayPagesJJ

     If you have ever had the opportunity to train with Caio or have ever had the opportunity  to attend one of his seminars, you would know that the title of this post is by no means any stretch of the imagination nor an over exaggeration. If anything, I would say it's and understatement!

    Carlos Machado Seminar -

    Sun, 2010-09-12 13:56 — seiglersmma

    Seigler's MMA is hosting Professor Carlos Machado on Saturday, October 9th in Augusta, GA. Carlos Machado is a world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and is one of THE best when it comes toteaching BJJ.
    He will be at Seigler's MMA to teach a 4 hour AMAZING seminar! The first seminar of the day which is Gi Training from 10 AM - 12 noon will cover Gi Chokes, Unpassable Guard Defense, along with Sweeps and Reversals. 

    East Coast Fusion BJJ seminar!

    Fri, 2010-04-16 10:07 — Josef Manuel

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