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    Nashiville Grappling Open

    Sun, 2004-09-05 17:17 — Gumby

    Nashiville Grappling Open
    May 11, 2002

    Mundials 1997

    Sun, 2004-09-05 17:16 — OntheMat

    In 1997 we saw a new generation of fighters come on the scene to test their skills against the days top fighters.

    Mundial 2000

    Sun, 2004-09-05 17:11 — OntheMat

    Here you will find a few great matches from the World Championships of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This event is hosted every year in Rio de Janario, Brazil by Carlos Gracie Jr.

    International Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Federation Tournament

    Sun, 2004-09-05 14:28 — Gumby

    International Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Federation Tournament
    February 1-2, 2003

    Howard Combat Kimono All Comers Tournament

    Sun, 2004-09-05 14:10 — Gumby

    "Frank Trigg is the worst referee ever in the history of refereeing."

    Actually Frank is a good referee, but he seemed to want me to say that in this report.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. Grappling Classic

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:20 — Gumby

    As far as I`m concerned, the biggest controversy of the event was the fact that an event sponsored by Budweiser could have no beer served at the venue! Furthermore, by the time I discovered where the complimentary beer was for sponsors, they were dry.

    Copa Pacifica 7

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:18 — Gumby

    Copa Pacifica 7
    February 28-29, 2004
    Costa Mesa CA,

    Copa Pacifca VI

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:16 — Gumby

    Copa Pacifca VI Report
    March 8-9, 2003
    Costa Mesa, California

    Copa Pacifca V

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:12 — Gumby

    The Friday night before the Tournament we hung out at Scotty's brother Cade;s party he throws every Friday at Boardners on Hollywood and Cherokee. If you're in the Los Angeles area definitely check it out!

    Copa Pacifica IV

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:09 — Scotty

    Getting to Huntington Beach wasn't easy this year. Our car ran out of gas and we broke down on the way.

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