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    Nathan Mendelsohn's American Jiu-Jitsu Player in Brazil Blog, Entry #5: UFC Rio

    Mon, 2011-08-29 15:51 — Nathan Mendelsohn

     Hey everybody!!
    Today I'm gonna talk about the experience I had attending UFC RIo, an experience that was quite an impressive and emotional one

    Nathan Mendelsohn's American Jiu-Jitsu Player in Brazil Blog, Entry #4: Training With GFTEAM

    Wed, 2011-08-24 09:48 — Nathan Mendelsohn

     Hey everybody!
    Let's pick up where I left off last time.
    After the Rio Open I had to change locations because I was staying with my friend Marcus Antelante who is now traveling to the United States to teach classes in Atlanta. So now I'm here with my Brazilian Brothers Leopoldo and Theodoro Canal in Recreio. Whenver Theodoro travels to Santa Cruz, CA he stays with me and my family and whenever I come to visit Rio he always receives me in his home and takes really good care of me.

    Nathan Mendelsohn's American Jiu-Jitsu Player in Brazil Blog, Entry #3: Training at Soulfighters, Rio Open, Tips, Injury

    Sat, 2011-08-20 18:00 — Nathan Mendelsohn

     Hey Everybody!
    So let's continue with the catch up....
    After competing the World Cup(see entry #2) I was taken to the apartment of my good friend and black belt from Soulfighters team Marcus Antelante where I would spend the next two weeks. Marcus had spent two weeks at my house in California training with our team at Claudio Franca's academy before the IBJJF Mundial 2010 and now he always makes me feel at home when I'm here in Brazil.

    Nathan Mendelsohn's American Jiu-Jitsu Player in Brazil Blog, Entry #2: WORLD CUP GOLD!! +Tips

    Thu, 2011-08-18 16:25 — Nathan Mendelsohn

    Sorry, you need to install flash to see this content.

     Hey everybody!
    So as I said in my last post, Ive already been here for a month but i wasnt with consistent access to the internet and so theres some catching up to do.
    When I arrived here in Rio de Janeiro, I was picked up from the airport by my friend Douglas Lins, brown belt from GFTEAM and taken directly to Niteroi (the city neighboring Rio de Janeiro) to fight the World Cup! I was tired from the 14 hour flight, but was hoping it was nothing a little Jack3D and a good warm up couldn't fix.

    Carlos Lemos Jr.: A Gracie Barra black belt's journey from his roots in Brazil, traveling the world, and fighting in MMA

    Wed, 2011-08-17 00:00 — Christie Sullivan

    Carlos “Escorrega” Lemos’ spoke at length to just prior to his departure to Rio de Janeiro where the Gracie Barra third degree black belt will be coaching American Spencer Fisher in his August 27, UFC Rio bout against Brazilian grappling ace Thiago Tavares.

    The legendary Rickson Gracie to hold Seminar on August 13 in Temecula, CA

    Wed, 2011-08-10 00:00 — News

    Grapplers Retreat - August 20-21 - Mendocino Coast

    Mon, 2011-08-08 21:28 — monta2damax

    Grapplers Retreat is a training camp that is located in the Mendocino Coast in Northern California. Unlike other camps, Grappler’s Retreat is a unique program that strives to bring the jiu-jitsu community together thus providing a memorable training experience for those in attendance. In this interview we talk with the head director of the program Alex Aftandilians has he tell us the details on what makes this camp special.

    Learn from avid BJJ competitor, Sean Roberts at his Seminar - Aug 27 at 10th Planet JJ - Vista, CA

    Sun, 2011-08-07 22:27 — News

    Sean Roberts is a Ralph Gracie Brown belt and accomplished BJJ competitor. Roberts competes nationally in both gi and nogi divisions and has won championships at all belt levels through brown belt.

    Friday, August 26: NoGi roll from 6-8pm

    Saturday, August 27: Gi Seminar from 12-2:30pm

    Europa Fight World USA Championships (Gi and No Gi divisions) - August 13th - Dallas, TX- $5000 in cash prizes

    Fri, 2011-08-05 23:53 — News

    Europa Fight World USA Championships (Gi and No Gi divisions) - August 13th - Dallas, TX- $5000 in cash prizes

    IBJJF to implement new rules for kids belts & competition gi requirements; organization seeks expert in antidoping measures

    Tue, 2011-07-26 12:13 — News

    GracieMag reported this week that a source close to the magazine has confirmed there will be upcoming rule changes within the IBJJF organization including: changes to the belt system for kids, a requirement for competitors to bring two gis- one white and one blue- to IBJJF competitions, and that “an expert in antidoping measures has been consulted to address doping and move forward testing and penalizing processes for athletes” in jiu-jitsu.

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