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    Rio Open Jiu-jitsu 2011 Highlight

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    Connection Rio

    Tue, 2014-07-01 17:08 — Benjamin Bieker




    This is BJJ in Rio

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    Quick Finish: Arm-In Ezekial

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    Improvements in striking and BJJ through Drilling

    Wed, 2013-10-02 04:43 — thheffelfinger

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    Another week has come and gone here in Rio, and with it has come another week of memories that will last a lifetime. As I get closer and closer to hitting the one year mark in Rio, I can't help but reflect on all the great experiences (both on and off the mat) that I have had. It's an exciting time to be in Brazil and who knows what great adventures lay ahead.

    BJJ/MMA and BBQ's Living the Dream in Rio

    Mon, 2013-09-23 13:27 — thheffelfinger

    It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Rio and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and type up some of what has been happening here in Brazil. Two weeks ago I made a return to MMA sparring for the first time since I injured my ankle training in June.  

    Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro

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    Yan Cabral and Leo Santos Seminar at Nova Uniao

    Wed, 2013-09-04 04:53 — thheffelfinger

    I spent a lot of last week in the kimono working my ground game. In addition to Dennis' class, that due to rain we had inside Premiere house, I also made it into Nova Uniao several times. As always the technique and rolling was great. One aspect I like is that that as NU they work takedown techniques a lot more than most gyms I have been to in Rio. A lot of places will just drill entries into takedowns or throws very lazily as part of the warm up; at NU they will actually show and work defense and offense from the feet and sometimes include short live situational goes from standing.

    Boxing in Favela Rocinha, Hard Rolling at Nova Uniao----Living the Dream

    Tue, 2013-08-27 09:25 — thheffelfinger

     The cool “winter” weather of Rio is gone and the sun has been out all week without a cloud in the sky. In our down time here at CR everyone has been out working on their tan at the beach or poolside here at the house. The warm weather at night has been perfect for grilling food out on the barbeque and enjoying a meal under the stars. Just because it was beautiful out doesn't mean we didn't spend plenty of time in the gym.

    Making Adjustments to Make Improvements

    Wed, 2013-08-21 05:24 — thheffelfinger

     This past week we hit the eight month mark in Brazil! It really doesn't feel like we have been here for nearly a year, but looking back at the amazing experiences I've had so far are almost too many to count. After getting settled in after the move last week, I was able to catch up on my rest and my training.

    Week in Training

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