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Dean Lister

    The Tao of Dean Lister

    Fri, 2014-02-07 21:32 — Benjamin Bieker

     Dean Lister is an amazing grappler who defies the expectations of the common Jiu Jitsu norm. Where most athletes treat their body as a temple, Lister is apt to drink his way up to a competition similar to Babe Ruth in his prime. This was covered in Michael Hresko’s article “The Tao of Dean Lister” for the Fightland blog.

    Dean Lister- Post ADCC Victory Interview

    Wed, 2011-10-05 16:29 — monta2damax

    Live from the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England the 2011 ADCC Submission Fighting World Championships brought its legions of fans some of the most spectacular action from the best grapplers in the world, that will be remembered in years to come.

    ADCC Competitor Profile: Dean Lister

    Sat, 2011-09-17 19:20 — monta2damax

    UFC Veteran, US Sambo Champion, and former ADCC Champion Dean Lister has accomplished many great feats in his career since his arrival in 1996. Although not fully credited, Dean Lister is one of the most influential figures in the sport of grappling and is well know for his polished technical game and leg locks for an individual his size. Now at the age of 35 after a two year absence from the spotlight, Competing next at the 2011 ADCC,  The Boogeyman is back and hopes to obtain more success in both the grappling and MMA circuit.

    The Pro Ams

    Sun, 2004-09-05 21:00 — Scotty

    The Pro Ams was a really great event.

    King of the Cage Double Cross

    Sun, 2004-09-05 17:01 — Gumby

    King of the Cage Double Cross,

    Grappler's Quest West 1

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:44 — Scotty

    Some people said Briann Cimins wouldn't pull the Grappler's Quest Las Vegas event off on time.

    Grappler's Quest US Nationals 2002

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:33 — Gumby

    This particular road trip had us heading out a bit further East than we're used to, but when you're worldwide big playas like ourselves you go the extra distance.

    CityBoxing: Judgement Day

    Sun, 2004-09-05 09:36 — Gumby

    CityBoxing Presents: Judgement Day 2 March 13, 2004 San Diego, CA

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