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    Upload a video

    Thu, 2006-09-14 16:53 — jeff

    KibunInc wrote:
    I have a video on my computer that I want to upload on this site. How do I do it? :cool:

    ok, I don't know why I can not reply to a post, so I am starting a new thread. And I do not wish to get arrested for posting more than

    Big Boy gets Tazered by the PoPo!

    Wed, 2006-09-13 19:07 — Bevois

    9/10/2006 - This big 340lb. dude will not let go of the car or listen to cops, until he gets 50k volts in his back. Funny to see how quickly he comes around! :D


    Police Tactics Forum FNG

    Sun, 2006-09-10 15:06 — Anonymous


    I was working… surfing through the web for nothing in particular, and found the police tactics forum. I am glad to see LEO's looking to expand their skills by incorporating elements of the ground game.

    Stay Safe.

    Benjamin Salas


    Sat, 2006-09-09 10:24 — Impetus

    Just introducing myself:

    I'm an LEO in the Pac NW working patrol and SWAT. I do a lot of use of force instruction for my agency and team. Been grappling for about ten years formally and informally, and have been ranked brown belt (ikkyu) in judo

    off duty officer involved in shooting II

    Wed, 2006-09-06 13:13 — jeff

    This is just my opinion.
    I believe that if one is an officer of the law, he/she needs to be lot more than just a good witness even if one is off duty. Especially, subject is endangering the public by driving recklessly on the public road. Also, rob

    Off Duty Officer involved in Shooting

    Tue, 2006-09-05 21:44 — KibunInc

    In San Diego over the weekend an off duty Officer was following a reckless vehicle. When the vehicle stopped the driver reved his engine as the Officer exited his vehicle. The Officer fearing for his safety shot into the vehicle two times. The driver

    Self Defense with Multiple Attackers

    Wed, 2006-08-30 20:51 — NJCarder

    Alright...say i have had sex with someones wife...and they are really them and a few friends come and find me at work...and confront me when im outside...but i have a knife in my pocket...if there is no way to run...(there are say 4 of them

    citizen's Arrest

    Sun, 2006-08-27 21:01 — jeff

    What is the proper procedure for holding a subject under the citizen’s arrest?
    I am not talking about any MMA technique such as “Arm Bar, or Choke Hold…etc”
    For example, let’s just say I witnessed a felony activity in the progress, such as a distru

    Kenny Florian on "Fox News" training police officers!

    Tue, 2006-08-22 16:41 — Bevois

    I thought I'd share a very good news piece on Kenny "Ken Flo" Florian that aired on Fox 61 News in my home state of Connecticut. Kenny just spent some time training law enforcement officers up there recently and Fox in turn featured a very positive s

    Use of Force

    Fri, 2006-08-11 02:51 — Gumby

    I'm liking the Use of Force stories. I'm not in law enforcement, but I have a bouncer or story or two I might contribute sometime.

    I have a two part question.

    First of all, what would situation would constitute an officer using force, or crossin

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