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    Tito Ortiz - Mixed Martial Arts DVD

    Tito Ortiz gives you a great DVD Package!



    Multiple time UFC Champion and coach of The Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz spends details you how to reach the incredibly high level of conditioning demanded by the MMA ring or cage. 


    Position Impossible 3 DVD set

    The long awaited Dave Camarillo: Position Impossible DVD set is here!


    Finally the instructional that bridges the gaps between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo and transforms both into the ultimate art! Dave Camarillo who has competed at the highest levels of both arts shares his secrets! In 3 DVDs!

    This three DVD set is packed into five seperate missions: 


    Jimmy Pedro Fury On The Mat DVD

    Discover How Jimmy Pedro Achieved The Impossible By Becoming A World Judo Champion, A 2-Time Olympic Bronze Medalist, A 4-Time Olympian, A 5-Time National Judo Champion And One Of The Most Prolific Judo Players In History!!!!



    Hook N Shoot Last Woman Standing DVD

    Witness some of the best female submission wrestlers in the world do battle for money, pride, and bragging rights that last forever!


    Thirteen women enter the ring but only one will be the last woman standing! 

    Featuring Erica Montoya, Lisa Ward, Tara Larosa, Megumi Fujii, and more! 

    Bonus footage: Erica Montoya and Tara Larosa's MMA debuts!



    Black Belt Grand Prix 4 DVD

    Professional Jiu Jitsu, from Brazil -Straight from Brazil!




    Black Belt Grand Prix 1 DVD

    Professional Jiu Jitsu, from Brazil -Straight from Brazil!




    Black Belt 2 Desafio DVD

    Black Belt Action!


    Bibiano Fernandez vs Marcelo Santos,

    Pablo Rodrigo vs Fredson Paixao,

    Marcos Barbosa vs Carlos Eduardo Viera,

    Eduardo Conceiao vs Adriano Maciel,

    Fabio Nascimento vs Roger Coelho,

    Delson "Pe de Chumbo" Heleno vs Eduardo Santoro,

    Jefferson Moura vs Bruno Bastos,


    Absolute Fighting Championship 13 DVD

    Freestyle Combat Challenge XIII


    January 10, 2004 Racine, WI. 

    Ron Faircloth vs. Brian Robinson
    Rob Smith vs. Brad Lynde
    Kyle Watson vs. Henry Matamoros


    Absolute Fighting Championship 12 DVD

    Absolute Fighting Championship 12



    April 30, 2005 Fort Lauderdale, FL 

    Jorge Masvidal vs. Joe Lauzon 
    Nick Thompson vs. Marcel Ferreira 
    Dustin Denes vs. Pat Healy 
    Matt Hamilton vs. Rafael Rebello 
    Luigi Fioravanti vs. Manuel Garcia 
    Brian Geraghty vs. Eduardo Martinez 
    Rick Delvecchio vs. Rafael Santos 
    Fabiano Capoani vs. Stu Hesselmeyer


    Absolute Fighting Championship 11 DVD

    Absolute Fighting Championship 11


    11 February 12, 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL 

    Dennis Hallman vs. Rory Singer

    Din Thomas vs. John Strawn

    Charles McCarthy vs. Sean Sallee

    Thiago Jambo vs. Luigi Fioravanti

    Mikey Gomez vs. Carlo Praeter

    Rafael Dias vs. Nardu Debra

    Brian Geraghty vs. Rocky Long


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