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    New Grappler's Quest DVDs!

    Wed, 2005-07-06 08:09 — OntheMat

    OTM brings you 2 Great new Grappler's Quest DVD's in stock now! Copa Atlantica and Grappler's Quest West 6!

    West Coast BJJ Tournament Report

    Fri, 2004-12-17 02:29 — Gumby

    West Coast BJJ Tournament Report September 25, 2004 San Francisco, CA

    The Second IGJJF Open

    Sun, 2004-10-17 23:41 — Gumby

    The Second IGJJF Open Lynwood, California 8/28/2004

    The Copa Atlantic 2004 Report

    Tue, 2004-10-05 22:21 — Gumby

    Copa Atlantica

    Mechanicsville, Virginia
    July 18, 2004

    ADCC North American Trials Report

    Mon, 2004-09-20 14:17 — Gumby

    On September 18 1 man in each of the five categories would advance from a field of eight of the top grapplers in North America to be the North American Representative into Abu Dhabi.

    Mundial 2001

    Sun, 2004-09-05 18:13 — OntheMat

    Man, every match on this tape is star studed and there are 14 fightes on it. Mundail best of the best and by invite only. Not much else to say but buy this tape.

    MMA Debuts Video

    Sun, 2004-09-05 18:10 — Gumby

    Cleaning off the hard drive, shuffling files I cam across this footage that was either buried or not linked up on the site. Four complete MMA matches from some of the biggest names we've covered. Most of this footage was actually shot before Onthemat was even a concept.

    International Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Federation Tournament

    Sun, 2004-09-05 15:28 — Gumby

    International Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Federation Tournament
    February 1-2, 2003

    Gracie Open 2

    Sun, 2004-09-05 13:57 — Scotty

    Cesar Gracie held his second annual Gracie Open Tournament on September 24, 2000.

    Grappler's Quest West 2

    Sun, 2004-09-05 13:46 — Gumby

    The distance between Mountain View and Las Vegas is 542 miles. Why I agreed to travel that distance in Cameron's 68 Dodge Dart is still a mystery to me as I type this

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