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    Buchecha nearly RIPPED HIS ARM OFF!!

    Sun, 2012-10-14 23:58 — Buchecha

     Last night, Buchecha nearly took off Roger Gracie's arm AND Foot in and incredible display of Jiu Jitsu. 


    No one has ever come that close to submitting Roger Gracie. 


    You can get a free series of moves where Buchecha shows everything that he used against Roger and the stuff he used to win 6 World Gold Medals in BJJ 


    Get the Free Video Series HERE 

    Videos - Can You Believe Buchecha? Is He Crazy?

    Sun, 2012-10-07 02:16 — Scott Nelson

    I just got an email from Buchecha, I can't believe he is giving away FREE VIDEOS of his techniques just days before his 

    Samurai JJ Pro 2012 - Black Belt match

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    Samurai JJ Pro Event recap

    Tue, 2012-08-14 13:49 — Benjamin Bieker

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     The Samurai Pro JJ event took place this last Sunday at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, Ca. The event had nearly 200 competitors from various school, belt levels, and tournament experience. They ran a six mat set-up, and had only one division going at a time in terms of belt level. There was prize money to be won, but it was in the absolute division. To compete in the absolute you had to win your own division by weight, belt, and age. The even took nearly all day, but there was great matches, great finishes, and a mixture of emotions. - This coming Sunday, August 12th at CSU - Dominguez Hills in Carson, California

    Wed, 2012-08-08 07:00 — Scotty

     Jiu Jitsu Tournament for all levels Kids and Adults.

    Trophies will be awarded to the three best placed schools on the adult division and on Kids division.

    Every kid that did not medal, will get a participation medal.


    $6,000 on Cash Prizes for the Man absolute division and Women Open Class 

    Here is the breakdown;

    -Adult Man Absolute ; White Belt ( $250) , Blue Belt ( $500) , Purple Belt ($750) , Brown Belt ( $1,000) and Black Belt ( $2,000)

    Royal House Fight Club Hosts Jeff Glover Seminar!

    Thu, 2012-07-26 00:14 — OTM News

     “Who needs points when I can just tap the dude?” –Jeff Glover

    Fitness Can Be Fun with Jiu Jitsu

    Wed, 2012-05-23 10:26 — IndianapolisJiuJitsu

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     Fitness Can Be Fun with BJJ   For those of you who love fitness but are looking for something a bit different from your normal routine you may had thought about adding some type of training such as BJJ, or Brazilian jiu jitsu.  If you’ve never done this type of sport before, you may not be aware of what you’re missing.  Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it’s also a great form of self defense for both males and females as well as kids of all ages.

    The Role of BJJ in MMA

    Thu, 2012-02-09 12:09 — IndianapolisJiuJitsu

    Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can do so many positive things for a person.  It can be a strenuous exercise vehicle, a fun hobby, or an opportunity for men and women of all ages to compete in athletic competition.  For those who are interested in mixed martial arts fighting competition, a sport growing quickly worldwide (and especially here in the United States) it is essential to have a working knowledge of the 4000 year old weaponless martial art.

    Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu | Carlson Gracie Team | Closed Guard with Joe Moreira

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    Indianapolis Jiu JItsu | Carlson Gracie Team | Armlock from the Back

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