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    Steven Seagal trains Anderson Silva

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    I remember when discs were CD discs or disk drives. Now discs are ruining my life.

    Mon, 2010-06-21 01:46 — Scotty

    After I got out of the emergency room, I got sent to a few doctors for follow up to my back injury. I got sent to a pain specialist & orthopedic surgeon. The pain guy just wanted to pump me up with cortisone and crap. I was over that, but he did take this crazy x-ray of my discs. 

    Connection Rio - May 14th, 2010 Update - No Distractions

    Fri, 2010-05-14 14:06 — mad jack the hat

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    Just an update on a few things that are going on. Firstly (and I'm knocking on wood as I type), my knee is good and I'm back training on the squad. The departure of Mike and Dave has left our side of the house empty, so the latest arrival Anthony, has been given a bed. Also, kickboxer Danielle Ackerman from Holland is here to brush up on her tan and BJJ and Anthony is training hard and promises not to be a pussy. Already he has proved he's serious by landing at 10 and training at 12, straight off an 18 hour flight ...............good job.

    Q & A: Erivan Conceição - Anderson Silva’s boxing coach

    Thu, 2010-04-08 11:46 — SilvaBR

    Erivan Conceição is one of the top athletes trained at the Champion Academy, of Luiz Dórea in Bahia, Brazil. With several titles in boxing, the fighter landed in Rio de Janeiro, where he trained with great fighters like Nogueira brothers, Anderson Silva, and Rafael "Feijão" Cavalcante.

    B.J. Penn stops by OTM Fight Shop

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    How to choose the right MMA school

    Wed, 2010-03-31 06:30 — Bevois

    As every beginning student sets out to begin their never-ending journey into the world of MMA, the first thing they should realize is perhaps the simplest… and in most cases goes without saying. MMA is simply an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts, which incorporates several fighting disciplines. As obvious as that statement may seem, it’s sometimes even more shocking to see how the term is so quickly thrown around nowadays. “MMA” has quickly become a buzz word that many schools and gyms are now jumping on to sell memberships.

    UFC Fight Night 21 - Tomorrow Night!

    Tue, 2010-03-30 09:41 — Kenny Florian

    My coaches, Keith Florian, Peter Welch, Firas Zahabi, and Jonathan Chaimberg had me work on many things that have improved my game tremendously for this fight.

    It's exciting to know that I have a lot more in the future to work on and learn. All of my coaches tackle training with great enthusiasm, curiousity and genuine passion that makes my training fun and exhilirating.

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