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Anyone else take a break from training for one reason or another?

    Mon, 2010-02-15 09:41 — Anonymous

     Has anyone else had to take a break from training, either forced or voluntarily? 
    As for myself, I have a lot of training under my belt, starting at the age of 11. I'm now 39, and the only break I've had has been the past three years.
    Muay Thai in 92, BJJ in 95 all the way through 07. Then in early 07, I ended a business relationship that I had with my Brazilian partner, and within a month afterwards completely severed my left bicep tendon to the point that my surgeon said that I'd never be able to do BJJ ever again. 
    Somehow, that proclamation ended up not being true for whatever reason. 
    I just came back to training after 3 years off the mats, and wow, what an eye opener!!! 
    My ability to roll is non-existent! My conditioning is absolutely terrible, and that is being complimentary. 
    I'm not surprised by this, I knew that getting back on the mats would be a shock to my system, but I am a little surprised that honestly. It could be that I am feeling the consequences of being 39.... :-) I've never "felt my age" before, but I guess I am now. 
    Has anyone had a similar situation? What was your experience?

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    Several injuries

    You might try the the articles below to help. I recoverd from a shoulder reconstruction in college and last year I had a new ACL put in and I am able to train full on again. It just took some planning and work.
    Restarting Jiu-Jitsu after a break
    Two Keys to Overcoming a Major Injury

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     yes i agree with you

     yes i agree with you

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    almost back

     Well im almost ready to train again. But im off to china friday and then ill have 1 week to train before i get back and i got to go under the knife.  Oh well take it when i can. 

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     ok but afterwards

     ok but afterwards

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    I had surgery on my knee a week ago today. I have metal in my head (no, seriously. I have metal in my head) so I can't get an MRI. That means they just have to go in with the scope and see what's there, and do what they think is appropriate. I signed a release that basically said I leave it completely at my surgeon's discretion to decide what action to take once he got in there.

    I had a similar procedure on my other knee a couple of years ago. I believe the term for the end result was “partial meniscectomy,” meaning they cut a small piece of my meniscus out. I was expecting / hoping for something similar this time.

    The good news is they didn’t remove any of my meniscus this time. Long-term that’s good. The bad news is the recovery from a repair is A LOT longer. Crutches for a month, along with a giant brace 24 hours a day that prevents my knee from bending.

    I don’t even know when I’ll be back on the mats.

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    Torn Shoulder

    I am out right now for a torn shoulder. I am still teaching as much as I can, but It really sucks. I had to sit out a few years ago due to a blown knee. So the only advice I can give anyone is take it slow. Don't rush or force the training.

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     I just cant win these days.  Just found out after my nose surgery.  Ill be out for 6 to 8 weeks! Sucks but at least i will be able to breath again. 

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    Good attendance and avoid injury.

    I understand your issue. I am 33 and have been training bjj for just over 7 years. I had to take time of here and there for different reasons. The most important thing is to train in the righty way. If you get hurt it is much your falt as it is your partners. You must always warm up, no exceptions.  Roll with people who care if you get hurt or not. MMA has really infected a lot of people. Rolling with a new guy who is very athletic and aggresive is not good. It only takes one bad moment to get  hurt . Your instructor is responsible for your safety. He should release anyone from the school who causes injury on a regular basis to other students. It's not worth keeping one bad student and losing 4 good ones. Keep good attendance, that will also help your body stay used to the training. If your are tired during rolling just allow the person to get dominent position and work on staying safe. It's a great way to recharge as you pracitce staying safe. Good luck.  A black blet is just a white belt who never quiet.

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    I had complete ACL

    I had complete ACL reconstruction in Jan. of 2009 and have been sidelined since from BJJ, I can box and do Muay Thai , but the flexibility and strength just isn't there  to roll much. It's killing me, I miss it so much. I'm only really happy when I'm training.

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    I know how you feel....

    Are you doing any physio, ie squats, walking lunges, clams? Also, I did half an hour on the stationery bike at low intensity high revs and work on the leg machines at the gym as well. Every day for months and months....! I still have to do a leg work out twice a week or it starts to feel like it's all turning to custard again.... The injury was 2 years ago now and my legs now so good I can handle training/rolling with guys....

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    I tore my r. ACL March 16th

    I tore my r. ACL March 16th 2009 at age 35 on a lazy headlock throw.  I had done 4 successful throws in row on my buddy as he walked into the 5th one I eased up (to not hurt his feelings) when he decided to sprawl; I heard my ACL snap like a stick, had surgery March 26th, I started training again in September with drilling only.  My right leg looks like a 12 yr old's leg while the left is 3 x times the size.  I started training in kettlebells around November and that has helped tremendously.  I purposely rolled hard a few days ago on the anniversary and kicked ass....  I would say I am 90% recovered.  The hardest thing to get back is the level of cardio, timing in the technique, knee stamina and just mental courage that I am not going to re-injure myself.
    Blue Belt

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    Yea I just lost 9 months for

    Yea I just lost 9 months for an ACL replacement (used the hamstring). Sucks cardio gone, timing gone, and making stupid mistakes kinda frustrating. The knee keeps getting water on it witch messes with my range of motion and I am totally afraid to commit my leg to anything. :P been back on the mat about 4 month now and its mostly back. Still have the water on the knee issue and the mental barrier about moving fast out of worry of re-injuring. :p. More mat time = faster rebound from time off.

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    twinfc's picture

    My knee swelled every day

    My knee swelled every day training or not for 9 months; at 10 months an beyond it only swells if I really push it hard after a full day.  Keep your head up it will get better.  I am at 12 months and feel that stamina is the only knee related issue that hasn't recovered.  My game has changed and guys that I used to deatroy have gotten much better in the last 12 months. 

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    God it sucks coming back!! Go

    God it sucks coming back!! Go slow and ice ice ice!

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    I snapped my ACL in my right knee during a bad takedown (my fault). I ended up getting surgery where they grafted a spliced off bit of a tendon into place. Over 6 months the body converts it into a proper ligament but I was completley forbidden to do even mat training 6 months before the surgery and 6 months after. I did tons of physio and now have full flexibility and my strenghts good, if I'm good and do my squats/lunges. Not training for a year sucked though and getting back in the ring was hard as I was frightened of snapping it again. I started fighting again from my knees till I was more certain of it being solid. My conditioning wasn't great and I'd put on a few kg. I just kept going, Had a mental picture of myself back in form, started kickboxing and jogging as well and broke of my deep romance with the culinary delights known as scones.... Bad carb, down bad carb!.... As for the age thing I'm the oldest fighter in my club but I'm in the top 5 and regularly grind younger fighters into the canvas and make them tap! Just keep going... :)

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    wow that is serious!! i mean

    wow that is serious!! i mean giving up the scones that is!  where are you from? where do you train?

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    Started martial arts when I

    Started martial arts when I was 13 and I am now 44. Many injuries cost me time off of training but now at 44 I am feeling the pain of many years of abuse. Now I just  roll for the fun of it now. Hope to have fun for many more years to come.

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    Yup all kinds of broken

    Yup all kinds of broken stuff.  But work and a hurt back took me out for a while too. But im back training and the back is doing pretty good.

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