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Bay Area Super Seminar for Haiti Relief Feb 21 in San Jose

    Mon, 2010-02-08 10:23 — Gumby

    On January 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Haiti.  An estimated three million people were affected by the week, and as of now over 200,000 people have been identified as dead with another 300,000 injured who have been treated.  In addition to the human catastrophe, the infrastructure of the country of Haiti itself has been badly damaged.  International Rescue and Relief has been swift, but there is still much to be done.   

    On February 21st, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community of the Greater Bay Area and beyond will gather together for a "Mega Seminar" to raise money for Haiti Relief.  It is a day where no matter what flag we fly, the Jiu Jitsu family will rally together for an important cause.

    From 11AM - 4PM we will have a scheduled formal seminar, with each visiting instructor taking turns in 20 minute blocks to show a sampling of the technique they spent years honing.  That will mean those attending the seminar will get technique from at least 15 different black belts in one day!  In addition, there will be time for open mat before and after the formalized seminar.  This is not only a tremendous cause, but an absolutely tremendous opportunity!

    100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake relief.

    Some of the Black Belts who are scheduled to attend:

    Alan "Gumby" Marques (Heroes Martial Arts)
    Sergio Silva (Team Silva)
    Garth Taylor (Kaijin MMA)
    Mike Vann (Claudio Franca BJJ)
    Stan Kendricks (Triune BJJ)
    Odilion "OJ" Domingues (Triune BJJ)
    Sandro "Batata" Santiago (Sandro Batata BJJ)
    Julio Echeverria (Sandro Batata BJJ)
    Kurt Osiander (Ralph Gracie BJJ)
    Justin "The Machine" Holder (Ralph Gracie BJJ)
    Dave Clahan (Ralph Gracie BJJ)
    Chris Smith (Tiger Martial Arts)
    Mike Prudencio (One World BJJ)
    Mikyo Riggs (Marin MMA)
    Ricardo Barros (Ricardo Barros BJJ)
    Daren Uyenoyama (FTCC Combat Club)
    Marcos "Yesamo" Torregrossa (Cassio Werneck)

    In addition, the following companies have already agreed to donate goods and services to the cause:

    Swain Mats, a Division of Dollamur
    Grappler's Quest

    The to attend the Seminar will begin at a low $25, but donations and larged amounts are certainly welcomed and encouraged.

    100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake relief.

    The seminar will be held in downtown San Jose at Heroes Martial Arts Academy.  Thanks in part to Swain we expect to have nearly 4000 square feet of open mat space in order to accommodate what will surely be the largest seminar in NorCal history. 

    Heroes Martial Arts
    460 South Market Street
    San Jose CA 95113

    Any questions or for those willing to donate/participate feel free to contact Seminar organizers Gumby ( or Sergio Silva (  Black belts wanting to instruct, please contact Gumby to reserve a time slot for yourself. 

    Much more to come, and thanks! 


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     That was epic!  4K! Now THATS some support! Good Going you guys!

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    How did it go? We were stuck

    How did it go? We were stuck here getting the vegas security system working and online. Got inventory to do tomorrow. Then taxes.
    so how was it?

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    I'll post my thoughts,

    I'll post my thoughts, pictures and video shortly, but to sum it up, it was epic. 

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    This is morphed into what

    This is morphed into what might be one of the biggest seminars of all time.  Hope to see a lot of you out there!

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