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Brian Fernandez bjj

    Wed, 2010-06-02 16:45 — HalfDome

     A new gym is opening in the area and the bjj coach is Brian Fernandez.  The manager said hes a black belt under Ralph Gracie, and also holds a black belt in judo. Cant find any info on him. Has anyone heard of the guy?

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    Nice to know about it .A new

    Nice to know about it .A new gym in the area will help many to go to this gym.

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    What area?  I'm a black belt

    What area?  I'm a black belt under Ralph Gracie and I've never heard of the guy...but the number of acadamies someone I don't know may have gotten promoted.  Unlikely however.....a call to the main academy in SF should clear this up.

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     The gym is called Bay Area

     The gym is called Bay Area Boxing in Belmont, Ca. When I first talked to the manager he told me that Adam Picciolotti (sp?) was the bjj coach, now he's out and Brian Fernandez is in.

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    I *DO* Know Brian! Explanation:

    LOL, I do know Brian, as  matter of fact he started training at Ralph's original academy in Mountain View along with me and I've spent many hours with him.  How did I not remember him?  Because I don't think I've ever called him "Brian", his nickname is "Hulk".  (In similar fashion, how many of you know my name is Alan Marques as opposed to Gumby.)
    He's absolutely legit and been a black belt in Judo for a long time.  Super nice guy as well.  I didn't realize he had recieved his black belt, but he's been training at least 14 years under Ralph and was brown belt for a very long time.  His wife Davina is a Ralph Gracie brown belt (may be black by now) and also a very good judo black belt.  You will have fun training with them.

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     Thanks Gumby for the reply

     Thanks Gumby for the reply and info.  Its good to know I finally have a legit bjj gym 5 minutes away from my house. On average my commute has been 25-30 minutes one way.

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