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Has Jiu Jitsu Evolved?

    Mon, 2010-03-08 16:44 — jitsudude

    Has the system of Jiu Jitsu evolved to deal with strong aggresive type grapplers, particularly wrestlers?  Has it dealt with the worse case scenario for people who practise Jiu Jitsu on how to approach an extremely strong person who just smashes through guards and power out moves(sweeps, submission and pinning positions).  I say worse case scenario because Martial Arts techniques in general should answer all the possibilities of a worse case scenario(is the guy extremely strong, fast, and does he knows enough just to pass by to keep him safe but using brute force).  Which therefore lays out foundation on how to deal with opponents in general.  And Im just asking has Jiu Jitsu(people who practise and the system itself) confronted these questions and answered them.  Just want to hear peoples response and your experiences of dealing with strong wrestlers in the gym and feel frustrated by it, so forth. Only constructive criticism please no keyboard warrioring.  Theres a video online(most likely youtube) where during a seminar hosted by Straight Blast Gym theres different Jiu JItsu black belts and people can ask them anything.  Well one particular black belt was John Kavanagh addresing a problem by black belts on how to deal with this olympic wrestler thats just a beast at there gym, it pretty much addresses my post.  I for the love god cant find it, If anybody can find it please post it.  Thanks

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    Yes JJ has evolved as the

    Yes JJ has evolved as the competitors have. By the way I do not believe Eddie Bravo invented the rubber guard. I have done JJ for about 10 years and I remember being taught by my instructor (Todd Medina) to put my foot behind my opponents head and reach up and grab hold of my foot.

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    No offense, but I had a

    No offense, but I had a little trouble understanding exactly what you were asking in your question.  I think the answer is twofold, Jiu Jitsu is evolving, but it is a very deep art and it there are many different parts to explore/discover. 
    I believe that Jiu Jitsu was created in order to be able to deal with the faster, stronger, more explosive opponent from the very get go.  The depth to this art is that the tougher opponent is, the more you have to know (and apply) in order to be successful.  With any technique you learn, you wouldn't expect to be able to apply it right away against a much higher level opponent.  Example, you just learned an armbar, think you're going to be able to catch the black belt with it?  By the same token, Jiu Jitsu and the application of technique will allow you to overcome strength, strong wrestlers, or whatever, but it's going to take much time and experience to deal with the tougher opponents.  These guys are both coming in with previous grappling experience and they are taking the BJJ class, it's obviously going to take some time and practice to learn how to deal with them.

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     Of course everything

     Of course everything evolves. Why wouldn't BJJ?  Even though somethings are just old moves with a new variation. Jean Jaques was known for using the Xguard but it was marcello garcia that evolved it and made it famous. 
    Eddie bravo didnt invent the omoplata but he did make the rubber guard system. 

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