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How do you like the new site?

    Mon, 2010-02-01 12:02 — Scotty

    Our whole team has worked long and hard on the new site.  You will see some of the same old features like:

    Shoping Online- Same great products and more to come!

    Calendar (this one works!) - We will do the best to list all up coming events! so add yours!

    Forums  - I see you found us but we have added a new format.  What do you think?

    School Database - This new database is better than ever.  Make sure you list your school our school database page gets tons of traffic.

    Videos - We have always been known for our video database. Now we have gone nuts and been uploading as many matches as we can find. We are over 2000 matches already so make sure you check out the video database and you can even add your own now!

    Photo Gallery - We have a million photos to upload and you can add yours too!

    NEW STUFF!!!

    My Profile - Just like any other social network like Facebook or mySpace you can create your own profile. Here you can add your fight videos and also link to matches of yours we might have uploaded.

    Fantasy Betting - We have seen this on other sites but we will cover not just MMA events but you will be able to betting on major grappling events too!

    There you have it the new site in a nut shell!

    Give us some feed back!




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    Like it!

    Like it!

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    I like how you can set up a

    I like how you can set up a social network profile
    now I just gotta get off my ass and get an avatar haha

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    Creating a Profile

    Just watch this video and it wll show you how to create a profile and add your belt rank to the database too if you like.


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    I've been around a LONG time.

    I've been around a LONG time. As in 97 - 98, and OTM has always been a "go to" resource for as long as I can remember. I took a break from training for almost 3 years because of an injury for for the needs of my business. So when I came back, and found that OTM is still holding it down, it was like coming home. 
    I have a company that provides services to clients like OTM, so I can say that I do not envy you guys the task of moving this entire site. I can also say that you guys seem to have done it as good as anybody could have done it, which is saying a lot. Good on you Scotty.
    I like what you've done, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how the site grows.  Since I'm training again, and probably going to open another school, I will certainly lean on OTM as a resource. Especially after seeing the effort you've put into growing your site.

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    Hey thanks!  What does your company do?

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    My company

    Oh, you run the risk of getting me started on a sales pitch!
    In short, I am a part owner of a data center company, and we offer data center services. Those services include hosting, co-location, managed services, network services, and my most proud achievement, a private cloud computing product.
    I have two Tier 3 (read: TeH Awesome) data centers in Dallas, one in Northern Virginia (Tier 3), with another one in NoVA that will be online in July(Tier 3). And I will have another Tier 3 center in Sacramento in June. I mention the Tier 3 certification simply because most hosting providers, data center company's are not at that level.
    Cloud computing is becoming the latest rage, and I've architected a product that has really been garnering some awesome industry attention. 
    I'm gonna stop there before I get on a full on role. Suffice it to say, if you guys start looking to change your hosting provider, give me a shot, I'll take good care of ya. It'd be in my best interest since I want to see you guys around for a long time to come! 
    Here is a link to my site:    (the page is getting revamped and will be updated by weeks end)
    My contact info:

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    I like it but having a little

    I like it but having a little trouble posting. I have to preview it everytime before I can post. Also my security center is warning me everytime I change pages. I will work on the security center portion.

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    Scotty's picture

    The preview problem is

    The preview problem is fixed!
    The whole site is a secure site. You just need to accept the certificate and then you wount have the problem anymore.

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    Everything really good so far

    Everything really good so far - have to cruise the site a bit more before I can give any more feedback. 
    Thanks for giving us a place like this!

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    lookin good!

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    UFC 109 - Relentless, which

    UFC 109 - Relentless, which takes place this weekend is open on the fantasy betting section.
    It's pretty self-explanitory:

    -Select the fighter you think will win the fight (DQ/Injury is an option too).
    -What round the fight will end (up to 5 rounds for title fights).
    -The way you think the fight will end (KO/Submission or Decision).



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    This has been a few years in

    This has been a few years in the making folks!  Please let us know the good, the bad and the ugly here!

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