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Muay Thai - COCELITE?

    Fri, 2010-11-05 16:00 — PathOfNames

    Thought I'd be honest with everyone.
    I work for a show called Champions of Champions Elite on G4TV. It features Muay Thai fighting. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with it.
    We're showing last years Kings Cup too:
    If you have heard of it, do you like it? Would you like to see more shows like it? Do you enjoy Muay Thai? Any feedback from you guys would be much appreciated.
    To the mods - If you interpret this as spam, by all means delete it/ban me. I apologize if I'm causing trouble.

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    Man, I feel like a fucking

    Man, I feel like a fucking ASSHOLE for not seeing your replies sooner. I must have not suscribed to this thread or something. So sorry!
    Anyway, our show is on every month on G4. The next episode is on Dec 17th.
    However, right now, we're showing a PayPerView of the 2010 Kings Cup on Dec. 5. 
    Here's the fight card:
    Cosmo Alexandre
    Yodsanklai Fairtex
    Alex Vogel
    Jesse Miles
    Jordan Watson
    Yan Xu
    Vuyissle Coilossa
    Kaveh Soleimani
    God, I feel so bad. I'm gonna pin your site up to my wall to be sure I come back here to read any replies.

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    Cool I will look up G4 on TV

    Cool I will look up G4 on TV and see when it is on. I love watching MT.

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    Thanks! You're

    Thanks! You're awesome.
    We're also showing the 2010 Kings Cup on PPV right now. It's on ALL DAY tommorrow if you have DirecTV. It should also be on demand if you have cable.

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     Its about time you are

     Its about time you are honest with us lol!  why dont you embed that video?  Anyway i dont think the mod even care MT is cool. 

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    I did Mauy Thai for about 18

    I did Mauy Thai for about 18 years but I have not heard of you guys. When is it on TV. The link you provided may have that info on it but I have not checked. I am a MOD here and I will not ban your post, just respond to the questions posted here.

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