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My Dad got his leg cut off today!

    Tue, 2010-02-02 12:11 — Scotty

    My Dad has to have both his knees replaced. Full replacement with artificial replacement knees. They cut the leg both above and bellow the knee. Throw the knee away and put a fake one in.  They did the first knee today.

    I hope i didnt inherit his knees.

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    That is intense but knee

    That is intense but knee surgery is pretty common now days. My Doctor told me this is due to all of the soldiers getting injured by land mines. Hope your dad is ok.

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     :-) You've nailed an

    You've nailed an interesting point! 
    The advances in surgical technology and techniques has taken huge leaps, for better or worse due to the treatment of our war wounded. As an Army vet, I think that it is great that we are putting the resources to work to take advantage of our technology.
    Most importantly, I hope that your pop is doing well Scotty!! 
    Do you have a status update?

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    Dad is up an moving with a

    Dad is up an moving with a walker. Doing good.  Mom might be going a little nuts taking care of him. LOL! But he is doing well!

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    "Bionic Dad runs down local punks..."

     "Breaks bionic foot off in their little keysters...Citizens unanimously elect him Mayor!"
    bionic man

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    Thats crazy man, I didnt even

    Thats crazy man, I didnt even know they could do that!
    Hope your pops has a quick recovery

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    Yipes!  Hope your Dad is

    Yipes!  Hope your Dad is doing well.
    I doubt your Dad has abused/worn out his body as much as you however.  Don't you have a laundry list of injuries and hardware before you even started Jiu Jitsu?

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