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One arm training!

    Mon, 2010-03-29 07:41 — Scotty

    Well the Dr told me i need to take 6 months off with the tendonidus.  Since that is just not an option. Crap i just took almost 3 years off with a broken back. I have been training with just one arm, my left. this is intersting and fun training. Funny cause so many guys dont try to seem to the site with out and arm. Not so funny cause im even more of a triagle sucker now. passing is fun if i pass low.

    anyone else trained with just one arm for any length of time?

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    one arm

    Just coming off the same situation myself Scotty.  Had elbow surgery (rt arm) at the end of last year to remove bone spurs in my elbow and trained for two months w/only the left arm.  I think it improved my game a lot -- got me thinking more about foot and hip placement, weight distrib, etc.  Not fully recovered so I'm still pretty vulnerable to guys attacking my rt arm, but overall that two months really helped me I think.
    I remember getting spanked by JD when he was hurt too...not fun!
    (Judo) Tom

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     weshoul not make fun on

     weshoul not make fun on others

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    Remember in the early days of

    Remember in the early days of Mountain View, when JD Penn injured his shoulder, he would simply tie that arm up with the belt.  After awhile we were all doing that!
    A few years later I broke my hand and had it in a cast, Ralph made me train anyways!  People kept grabbing the cast (which to make things worse had one finger suspended) I had a big list of payback by the time I was healed up.
    You can always check out Carlson's black belt Aaron Lapointe.
    Nowadays both arms are healthy, but I have a student I always have to work with because he only has one effective arm (and leg for that matter due to a stroke).

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    Ya it sucked getting tapped

    Ya it sucked getting tapped by JD even when he had only 1 arm. Bastard!  I also remember Paul Pentergas when he had his cast.  Bastard scrapped up my face with that thing.
    Aaron is amazing as a black belt.  I got one or two of his fights somewhere im going to have to try and find them.

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