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Pumped for Strikeforce!

    Thu, 2010-04-15 12:28 — Scotty

     Man after that boring ass UFC.  I cant wait for Strike Force.  No way we see boring fights there. Who are your picks?

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    Strikeforce - Nashville

    Middleweight Title: I'm taking Jake Shields over Dan Henderson via submission in one of the bigger upsets of the year. Henderson is a legend, but Anderson Silva showed a weakness in his game that Shields can easily exploit, once the fight hits the ground. The trick for Shields is getting the fight on the mat, where he can wok his magic. I think in the course of a 5-round fight, he will have his chance and he will capitalize on it.
    Lightweight Title: I'm taking Gilbert Melendez over Shinya Aoki via TKO. I like Aoki a lot, but he has so many new things that he isn't used to coming into this fight. He has to wear normal shorts, instead of his trademark spandex pants. He is also used to fighting in a ring with his home Japanese crowd. Adjusting to hostile crowd, without his spandex pants, and inside a cage are a lot of variables he has not dealt with before. On top of that, Melendez has very good submission defense and the power to end the fight standing or on the mat.
    Light-Heavyweight Title: I'm taking Gegard Mousasi over King Mo via submission. It wasn't too long ago that Gumby and I were watching King Mo compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials in Vegas back in June 2008, where we discussed his enormous potential in MMA. He has since shown the rest of the world exactly that by smashing everyone he has faced. However, Mousasi is a different animal and has the edge in both striking and submissions. That's too many weopons in a 5-round fight. I see Mousasi submitting King Mo in the later rounds.

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     Dam B!  You had Shields

     Dam B!  You had Shields right!  I never thought that King Mo would own like he did. Good for him, he is really on the map now!

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     yes i completely agree with

     yes i completely agree with you

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    I know I'm pumped!

    UFC WAS BORING!! Ugh, all that hype and it fizzled. I'm glad I didn't buy it. It made for a fun environment though! Everyone was talking shit!
    I think Hendo has a good challenge on his hands! Shields is going to be a free agent when the fight is over and he has a lot to look forward to. This is another wrestling V BJJ fight.
    The Dreamcatcher is gonna take out King Mo. None of these guys has seen defeat and it's going to be very interesting to watch Wrestling V Judo/boxing. I think Mousasi has good game, and it's going to be a slugfest. I wanna see this one!
    I expect El Nino to rain down on Aoki. Although Aoki is a submission master, I think Melendez could take him out.
    MayheM is fighting! I'm excited to see him throw down!

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    My picks

    Dan Henderson. Gegard Mousasi. Gilbert Melendez

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