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Savannah, GA Submission Only X (US Grappling) June 26th

    Sat, 2010-04-10 15:38 — goatfury

     Submission Only X

    US Grappling returns to Savannah, GA on Saturday, June 26, 2010 for our tenth Submission Only event!  Registration is now open!
    Saturday weigh ins will be held from 8 AM to 10 AM for anyone competing in no gi divisions, and will be extended to noon for anyone that will only be competing in the gi. Competitors can also register and weigh in Friday night from 6-8 PM at the venue. Competitors do not need to wear the gi during weigh ins.
    Fastest submission!
    The competitor with the fastest submission of the entire tournament will win free admission into all US Grappling Submission Only events for one full year!

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    U.S. Grappling's "Submission

    U.S. Grappling's "Submission Only" tournaments are one of the best ways for jiu-jitsu players to test their technique and endurance in competition, because you don't have to worry about anyone stalling after scoring one point. Savannah is also a great place to go during the summer!

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    Fun all around

    I'm looking forward to Savannah in June. Last time we were there the weather didn't really cooperate with us. People old enough to be in bars were running out into the street to see snow for the first time in their life. I don't think that will be a problem this time!
    Also - Free T-shirt for All Pre-Registered Competitors!

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     yes you are right but we

     yes you are right but we have to thin more

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    Great Events

    The goat does some of the best events in the country.  Go check this one out!

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    Thanks, Scotty!  

    Thanks, Scotty!

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    For Once!

     For once scotty is correct on something!  The Goat aka Andrew does some great events mostly cause he is a competitor at the big shows so he knows how to treat the fighters right.

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