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Trying to recover from knee injuries...need some advice and encouragement

    Sun, 2011-07-31 08:58 — Longinus

    I have been training for about 10 years now, and I can definitely say I have the BJJ "bug". I have mainly trained in the Army through the combatives system, but I have also trained for about 5 years combined time (at different schools due to moving around) in civilian schools. I love's how I deal with things, and it means alot to my way of life and to my sanity.
    Here's the problem: while on a combat mission in 2005 my tank was struck by a huge IED and I was blown from the turret. I flew about 50 ft, and laned on my feet, strangely enough. The impact caused me to break my left ankle, completely blow out my right knee, and cause some cartilage damage to my left knee. 5 surgeries later here I am. I have had 3 surgeries on my right knee, one on my ankle and one on my left knee. I am recovering right now from the last one on my left knee. Between surgeries I still tried to get some training in for the last 5 years. I deployed two more times, and trained during those deployments as well. Since returning from my last deployment, though, I have had a surgery on each knee. Full cartilage and meniscus implants on my right knee and some cartilage repair on my left. I am beginning to be terrified that I won't be able to roll any more for one simple reason: I can't get my knees to bend all the way right now. The main problem is that I can't keep a good base in someone's guard, my knees just don't bend that far right now.
    Does anyone have any advice or a story about similar injuries? I am satrting to get depressed!

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    That's terrible! you knees needs a help as well as you as a person. You should consult theTampa  injury lawyer for the legal advice. Anyway the consultation is free. 

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    you can still get better!

    watch videos while u cant train... u can learn a ton from breaking down old video footage of urself or just watching other instructor couuldnt train hard for about a year and a half bc of back issues but went to bjj practice anyway to keep himself sane and took notes on stuff anyways.... keep goin to the gym!

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    Honestly I would recommend

    Honestly I would recommend flexibilty/mobility work as well as training using bodyweight movement (Squats and lunges). If you get a chance, check out Elite FItness Systems ( They literally have thousands of articles on Prehab, Rehab, Mobility and an Exercise index. They also have a Q & A section where you can ask questions to qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches as well as Physical Therapists. Honestly it sounds like the surgery went well, however their was a lack of corrective rehabilitation.
    With some good help, I have no doubt that you will be able to make a successful recovery, it'll just be a matter of the right movements and patience. In the interim, I believe it was Jean Jacques Machado who said "Jiu-Jitsu is complete, it is up to you to adapt it to your body." If its hard to hold a solid base, how is your guard game. You could really spend time developing a nasty guard, one NO ONE wants to play with.
    Best Wishes!

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    Injured knee

    Sorry to hear about your knee. A few years ago I tore my MCL and could not train for 7 months, and I remember getting depressed too. All you can do is let it heal. After about 6 months I started training again w/a pretty good knee brace, and at times I would feel my knee cap trying to pop out, but I would just have to give up the position and continue rolling. Also, it would be a good idea to roll with a more experianced guy because they have nothing to prove and wont be spazy. Ya, and you cant work too much guard either. Try starting side control positions only. Hope that helps. Rosie

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    Is there any type of theraphy

    Is there any type of theraphy you can do to get the movement back?  Im just getting back on the mat affter almost 2 years. It is hard i cant move that well especially on the bottom.  The beauty of JJ is that you can always adapt your game.  Look at Gordo when he made up the haft guard, it was because his knee was bad and he could not close full guard.  So maybe your game will addapt and you can create some new passes and posstions that you can do with your bad knees.
    good luck!

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