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What happened to Rolles?

    Tue, 2010-02-09 10:59 — Scotty

    Anyone from Renzo's know what happened?  Man he looked really bad.  Seems hard to believe he could have been that our of shape.  he did just take 2nd in adcc didnt he?  had to be in shape to do that.  

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     There is so much that was

     There is so much that was surprising about his performance. It was so bad that I have to think that there was something else afoot here. Preparing for competition is in the Gracie genes, it is just what they do.
    I feel for the guy. I guess he simply peaked too early and perhaps nerves got the best of him. 
    That said, for Renzo to say that the performance was embarrassing is one hell of a strong statement! Which also implies something deeper going on. 
    Win or lose, like them or hate them, the Gracies are a respectable family that did bring about a paradigm shift in the martial arts world. It is a shame to see one go down in flames.

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     Dude that was the worst UFC

     Dude that was the worst UFC debut eva!!

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    Unfair to say worst debut

    Unfair to say worst debut ever, but Rolles certainly had some high expectations so a performance like that...well.
    Even Renzo said it was embaressing, and likely due to the high expectations Rolles put on himself.  Bummer.  I like Rolles a lot as well. 

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    Rolles Gracie

    Its a shame because most of the public that follows MMA does not know who the Gracies or Machados are.
    Their brand is definitely losing it's shelf life, I hope someone from the new generation steps up and keeps one of the names going.

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    In April the top two Gracie's will be fighting.

    Renzo Gracie will be making his UFC debut against Matt Hughes at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. Roger Gracie is also rumored to be making his long-awaited Strikeforce debut, which should be televised on CBS. Those are arguably the two best fighters in the Gracie family and it will be interesting to see how those fights play out.

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    Rolles get pink slip
    Rolles Gracie (3-1) was one of the many fighters handed their pink slip from the Ultimate Fighting Championship following UFC 109 losing performances.

    Gracie lost his highly anticipated UFC debut to Joey Beltran (11-3) by technical knockout in a one-sided fight where Gracie appeared fatigued almost immediately. confirmed the news from UFC sources on Thursday that Gracie was cut from the organization.

    The 31-year-old fighter with the famous last name made his professional mixed martial arts debut in the now defunct International Fight League, and gathered two more wins in Art of War before losing to Beltran in the UFC. was originally informed from sources close to Gracie that the heavyweight would remain in the Las Vegas based organization, but it’s come to light that Gracie was among the fighters released.

    The Renzo Gracie trained athlete was expected to make an impact in the UFC heavyweight division. Renzo said his student’s performance was “embarrassing,” in interviews following the event.

    Renzo Gracie makes his UFC debut against former two-time UFC welterweight titleholder Matt Hughes at UFC 112 on April 10 in Abu Dhabi.

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