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What is your favorite submission

    Sun, 2011-02-20 21:05 — KibunInc

    Just wondering what everyones favorite submission is? I personally love the simple triangle to an armbar. I find the set up easy and it works well for me. anyone else???

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    Favorite Sub

     RNC, Guillotine and the Bow and Arrow.

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    got to love the bow and arrow choke:) anything from the back is delish or mount, I have a new found appreciation for the guilly too;)

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    Anaconda Choke because it

    Anaconda Choke because it fits my slow and steady / smothering style.

    I like the Electric Chair from the lockdown too.

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    I should have added ankle

    I should have added ankle locks in there. I love to do the ankels although I know they are pretty much banned from tourny's I am surprised how many people don't practice them or get really upset you use them.

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    Favorite Submission

    Arm Lock because it's how I won my first ever match in a competition!  But triangles are definitely the nicest looking subs.

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    Triangles, becuase i can hit

    Triangles, becuase i can hit them from anywhere and if i cant get you with that ill armbar or oma plata you!

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    RNC!  Cause no matter how big

    RNC!  Cause no matter how big you are, you're going to sleep baby!  I like armlock from the guard too!

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    I'm really small, so I love

    I'm really small, so I love the RNC too.  It's a shame I rarely get a chance to put it in, and I'm not skilled enough to make my own chances yet.
    I also like triangles - I can get them on pretty fast (first technique I learned, so it's had more practice than anything else), and take people by suprise.  Well, some people.  Almost all of my sparring partners are a lot taller than I am, and I struggle with broad shoulders.

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