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This would never happen to Kibun!!!

    Thu, 2010-02-11 10:32 — Scotty

    Why even cops need Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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    No way in hell any of these guys lay a hand on Kibun!!  He would woop thier asses! LOL 

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    These videos are real eye

    Besides the shootings that Kibun is talking about, more and more, it seems bad guys seem to be challenging Police Officers to fight.  When in a fight, Kibun is one of thoses guys that you want to show up first.  I agree, this will never happen to Kibun.....  Unless the suspect is ROMANIAN!!!!

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    Thanks for the vote of

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. You never know what will happen out there and you need to train all of the time. For those who do know I only patrol a 3 square mile city and there has been 3 separate shoot outs with the Police here in the last week and a half. It is an extremely high crime area.
    I like what the cop said in the first video, "I am thinking to myself this sucks."
    In the third video the girl officer ends up having the side of her face broken. The suspect left but the license plate on his vehicle is visible in the video. He is later captured and sentenced to about 25 years, I think they went attempted murder on an Officer.
     Hey guys the new site is looking good, and I still have the only built to fight surfboard out there.

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    HP is only 3 miles square?

    HP is only 3 miles square? Thought i was bigger!  I sure dont miss living there!!

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    LOL no one misses living

    LOL no one misses living there. And what is up with the Romanian jokes Cherb kid.  I may have to resurrect team BMF....LOL

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    You never know who you are going to meet! 

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