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Your Personal Experience (techniques) on Dealing with Freakishly Strong Guys on the Mat.

    Wed, 2010-11-10 08:17 — as5547

    Now Im no way am I a strong guy, Im 5'7 and a buck 50.  I find it frustrating when either rolling with strong wrestlers or guys who I like to call Conan's(like Conan the Barbarian if anyone didnt pick that up) who just seem overwhelm you when it comes to rolling.  I just want to hear from people's experience on how you dealt with these guys and what techniques seem to work against strong wrestlers or freaks on the mat.

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    I play defensive. If I get a

    I play defensive. If I get a position on them I hold it while they gas out then start working for a finish.

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    Breath relaxed & use Attachment Theory!

     Great Subject!
    When rolling with a meathead who is juiced up or one who is simply with abnormal strength I find remaining calm and breathing in a relaxed manner helps.  I employ a technique that I liken to making myself into a flea in which a flea attaches itself and seemingly sticks onto a hide.  As a county deputy sheriff correctional officer my experience has shown that what works for me is to think leverage at all times.  Contrary to popular belief a great many inmates who are full of brute strength can be easily subjected to a simple control tactic if such is done correctly in a relaxed manner.  Make your opponents strength your strength and allow for the transfer to flow as you maintain relaxed breathing and close proximity (I liken it to my "flea" technique.)  Closeness can allocate creative subduing to be had by being able to gain positioning of the arm blades, various joints, pressure points, etc to follow up with possibly even a submission all the while being a "FLEA!"  Be STICKY be a FLEA!  Happy New Year!  May God bless you and your loved ones with + happenings and health from the spirit of John 3:16.

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    Work hard to gain your own

    Work hard to gain your own salvation....

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    techniques against strong wrestlers

    Use Good Technic and Grip On them...
    Don't make them to grip tightly on you...

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    As most people have said,

    As most people have said, keep moving and definitely work the angles.
    The more you're off to an angle the less strength they have.
    By maintaining movement, your opponent/training partner needs to move to stay with you. You have less power when you move because 1.) you're splitting your concentration to moving and grabbing 2.) moving compromises your base. Poor based = loss of power.
    Someone also mentioned armbars - definitely one of my favorite things to do against big strong guys.
    If and when you get on top don't rush - take your time. Enjoy the position and look to wear out your opponent/training partner before you think about attempting a subsmission. I see this happening a lot - small guy gets on top, gets too excited and goes for a finish. Problem is, sometimes, they miss and they;re back in the same crappy bottom position again.

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    I am one of those Conan's.... 1,96 X 125kg... Not too fat..
    The black belts I usually train with always go for my back, and never lets me settle my weight on his hips flat on the ground... They constantly try to get under me to set up a few sweeps using their legs..
    I am still white belt, right now, I already start on my back against any White belt, so I learn to use technique and skill to thrive on the fight from the bottom...
    Overall, my advice to my opponents is keep moving, hip escapes galore and abuse of "leg press" sweeps...
    I received a lot of advice to pace my energy, as usually big guys work hard using strength and run out of gas fast... So, at the moment I am trying to learn how to discipline myself to use my weight, without wasting my gas...
    Also, usually smaller fighters do not like when big guys use strength, so do not try to use extra strength as well, or go rough and too hard with a big man.
    I try to be smooth and gentle, fighting with skills, but if a smaller guy starts to try too hard usually by escraping my face, or working insistently in a half choke or any move that is not so effective but can be painfull, will usually will fire me up, so from there I will try my best to stay on top using whatever I can. 
    With my regular training partners, we have a deal already, to try to go for the techniques and skills and learn with each other...They usually like training with me because pushes them for pure technique, and when they go against a same size person, they will feel very comfortable...

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    When facing retard strength this is what i do....

    Me possessing the physical strength of a 12 year old asmatic alter boy, i know what it feels like to grapple the guys you feel like they were bred from hairless bears. What i have found to work best for me the majority of the time is movement of hips and scrambles, also the strategy of attacks and submissions. Dont go for big man techniques kimoras, neck cranks and low percentage stuff that may have you end up on bottom if you miss it. Cause you will miss it and it sucks... Move and attack strategically. If all else fails talk shit and see if you can trick him into doing something stupid before he punches you in the face.... that sucks also  

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    I have a longer response I'm

    I have a longer response I'm working on.  The short answer is to develop your game and always assume you're going to be the weaker person in the match.

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    I am what most of the guys in

    I am what most of the guys in my gym refer to as the BSG "Big strong Guy" I am 6ft 300 pounds from 7-23 wrestled and took a few years off and started training again 3 years ago.  Know I do not use my size and strength when rolling with little training partners I work on my technique. With that said the best way to deal with BSG is angles never take them on head on you will lose. Creat angles when you have them in your guard do not hesitate keep active if you stop for a second you going to get stuck and passed. Here is one tip if you get to scissor sweep postion do not just trap the knee and try to sweep kick their knee back  this takes their main point of balance away. I used this againist guys my size and larger I train with and you will sweep them with ease.
    Good luck and have fun training .

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    Arm Drags and Deep half seem

    Arm Drags and Deep half seem to help me get on top vs the big guys. Once you're on top... ride the wave.

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    Good hip movement.  Always

    Good hip movement.  Always keep your hips off to the side and not directly under your opponent.  Remember good hip movement and placement is the key to leverage.  You control the hips, you control the fighter.

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    As a big guy

    I am what you might call big and strong, 6-3 and around 300lbs and strong with it, and I find that you need to get round the back of a big guy and fast.  This works  most successfully on me anyway, if you let me get down and get my weight settled even in your half guard I am fancying my chances.  A quick arm drag or a very fast initial move to get to the back is where you want to be.  Use the advantage that you have speed and movement baffle the bigger guy, if you never settle it will be very hard for him to.   

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    Against Strong Guys

    Here's some tips.
    Next time you roll with the strong guys. Don't worry about getting slammed, taken down, tapped via choke or submission. It's all part of the BJJ/ submission game. At the stage that you are in and this goes for anyone who has practiced BJJ. Everyone comes across these kinds of monsters on the mat. Even the blackbelts, its all over the web, especially in the absolute divisions you'll see really strong and technical players dominating the smaller players. White belts, blue belts, purple belts, brown belts,and so come across different opponents with different styles and strengths and techniques. You get days when you seem to be the Bubba dummy on the mats, on some days you get to be the submission stud.
    So what do you do?
    1)Talk to your instructor. (Man he has got to have a whole encyclopaedia in his head on how to deal with your gym's Mat Monsters)
    2)Observe the Enemy. (Try observing what those Mat Monsters are strong at and where are they are weak at. When rolling with them avoid their strong points and pounce on their weaknesses.)
    3)Polish your own techniques. (DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL......)
    4)Test what you learn on the mats with every type of opponent. (ROLL, ROLL, ROLL, ROLL...)
    5) If it fails then try it again, if it fails again seek your instructor's advice, then try it again. ( This is the only way to develop your whole game that's the reason why it takes long to get good at BJJ, unless you're what we call the GIFTED)
    6) Test what you have learned in competitions. (This is where you'll discover your own techniques)
    7) Realize the realities of your game (its limits and possibilities...)
    8) Repeat the whole process for other techniques.
    9) PERSEVERE. Enjoy the BJJ journey. It's gonna be a long one...but it's gonna be one helluva ride.
    10) "Just be the nail and let everyone hammer you down....Your day will come when you'll be the Hammer"- taken from Renzo Gracie
    So you might be asking...Who the hell is this guy giving me these tips?
    I'm a 5'5" OG blue belt who gets tapped, choked, slammed, submitted and hammered all the time by MAT MONSTERS in our gym.

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    Hip movement

     I find when most people roll with a very strong opponent they forget what Jiu-Jitsu is about "leverage". 
    Strength definitely does help but when most people roll with a stronger and or aggressive opponent they revert back to strength vs strength rather than using hip movement and leverage to beat your opponent. Also remember to keep moving and listen to you opponents breathing as if they are relying mostly on their strength they will exhaust their muscles quicker.  So if you in shape you can kick the pace up when you hear them breathing hard and your opponent will be open to submission.
    Keep rolling and try not to get to discouraged as if you constantly go against tough and game opponents you'll have no choice but to improve and take your game to a new level.

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    In my case I would not say

    In my case I would not say that I used a particular technique against strong people as much as I try to keep moving. Also there is a difference between strong people and strong people with skills. What I find is most guys who are strong tend to want to hold you down and control you so the best thing to do is to keep moving. Also try to maintain top control as working on your guard against heavier and stronger people is not the best thing to do. Just my two cents worth.

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     Keep moving is good advice.

     Keep moving is good advice.  Also stay out of bad positions by working your technique.  I find also with strong guys grip breaking helps a lot.  Dont let them get a good grip on you. 

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