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Fighting For The Back Take From The Turtle Position

    Sun, 2014-07-20 15:32 — DanFaggella

    There are few worse things in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than dealing with a stubborn opponent?  Why won’t they just ease up and let you take their back?!


    But there are certain positions that can cause grapplers to have headaches if they don’t know how to properly navigate the situation.

    For instance, dealing with a tricky opponent who refuses to let go of their daunting turtle defense.

    This can lead to some dead ends, unless you know how to work around it!

    Creating Opportunities To Attack When They Don’t Present Themselves

    Naturally, while looking for the slightest opening, your opponent will make sure that you have a difficult time doing so.  From the turtle position, they will shut down, and try to fill any vacant space by cramming their knees and elbows together.

    While this still exposes their back, it disallows any possible hooks to be placed, making the back take an extremely difficult process.

    This is where you have to become forceful with your approach, and create your own openings to work with!  First you’ll want to drive your knee and try to create a wedge between their thigh and elbow.

    Once you do, grab hold of their Gi and apply the Gi grip.  Once you have established this grip, lean back and hack your heel into that space you were working on.  Treat it like you are chopping wood with an axe; it has the similar motion and force.In order to gain a good grip on the Gi you are going to need solid grip strength. I'd recommend that anyone wanting to improve their grip (which is just about everyone) take a look at this awesome review on the Finger Master Grip Strengthener and get the prodcut for yourself. 

    As you do this, you’ll want to boot your leg through while driving weight into your opponent.  This will cause them to lose any defensive advantage that they had established, and also puts them in a tough spot now that you have a hook sunk in.

    Your momentum should carry you towards the mat, and once you feel your knee hit, turn off to the side, causing your opponent to troll with you.  Their back will now be on their torso, and vulnerable to the second hook and the potential submission finish.

    Utilizing Your Gi Grips To Advance Position

    The importance of your grips in a situation such as this can’t be understated at all.  Think about it; if you take away the fact you are utilizing your Gi grip to gain leverage on your opponent, then what good can come from this entire sequence?

    The grip is vital for the fact it gives you the upper hand!  By anchoring yourself and grabbing the Gi, you can proceed to attack and search for whatever opening you hope to find.  It also allows the proper positioning so once you do find the openings, you can maintain in the dominant back take position.

    Conditioning and giving proper practice time to improving your grip strength is something that any aspiring high-level grappler should focus on.  The importance of grip strength and endurance can’t be understated, and should be a focal point of your training on a daily basis.

    After you achieve a certain level of grip strength, you’ll quickly see how readily available certain holds and passes become just by being able to control your opponent with a simple grip.

    Don’t neglect the importance of your gripping ability; if it isn’t already, start making it a part of your daily practice routine!

    You won’t regret it.

    Dan Faggella

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