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How Using A Grappling Dummy Can Make You A Better Grappler…And Quickly.

    Wed, 2014-08-06 10:43 — DanFaggella

     We all want to get better at grappling, that’s no super hidden secret.

    The question isn’t if you want to get better, but how do you want to get better?  There are so many options that people go with, some of which don’t amount to much of anything.

    There are some ways—such as training with a grappling dummy—that offer plenty of training benefits and give you the opportunity to truly develop your game on multiple levels, allowing you to become the best grappler you can be.

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    Breaking Moves Down To It’s Core

    No matter how talented you are when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there will always e certain moves and techniques that cause you to scratch your head asking “how do I do THAT?!”

    We’ve been there, it’s nothing new whatsoever.  On the mat, during a practice, it can be a little intimidating to slow the class down by asking questions.  While we know it’s not the right thing to do, it can be easy to allow your question to go unasked, thus hurting your game in the long run.

    However, if you have a grappling dummy at your disposal, then you have the opportunity to really focus in on what you have problems with!  If there is a specific sequence or step that is really throwing you for a loop, you can break out the dummy and start going to work.

    By having the option of hitting the pause button and really analyzing where everything falls, you are opening up the game so much more than you otherwise would when you go at full speed on the mat.

    Not only does this allow you the option to study the specific problem, but you can also begin to see what other options present themselves and how you can hit another submission or transition when you break it down.

    Drilling Till You Get It Right!

    Once you hit the slow mo button, so many things will begin to fall into place.  As an instructor myself, I love when my students have that “light bulb” moment and everything seems to click.  What was once a foreign concept is now something that is automatic and seems to be downright flawless!

    Drilling is what makes the competitor. Here’s a few more killer drilling tips and suggestions if these aren’t enough.

    A few different reasons factor into this; as we discussed earlier, you have the ability to slow everything down to your speed and cover every inch of the move and focus in on every detail imaginable.

    Not only does this improve your overall ability and feel for the move, it allows your muscles to familiarize themselves with specific movement patterns and they will become much more reliable.

    Have you ever had an issue with range of motion or coordination with certain moves?  It’s likely because your body or a specific body part isn’t used to moving in that certain way, and needs time to understand the pattern.

    By having the grappling dummy at your disposal, you have the ability to really drill those muscle groups, allowing them to learn the movement as you master the move itself.

    One thing often overlooked is the muscle memory aspect of Jiu Jitsu.  Once you have this down pat, you’d be surprised as to how much more fluid and efficient your moves will quickly become.

    Dan Faggella

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