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Leveraging the BJJ Video Vault App

    Tue, 2014-05-27 13:40 — DanFaggella

     You can have all the information in the world at your finger tips, but what good is it if you aren’t able to put it into motion effectively?

    Many applications these days provide some good content, but tend to be a little jumbled and hard to navigate.

    However, for the BJJ Video Vault, I found there to be no issues whatsoever.  In fact, I was very impressed with how much practical content was offered.



    If e-training is truly your thing, you may want to check out this awesome article on drilling Berimbolo Sweeps.

    Keeping In Tune With The BJJ Universe

    What makes the BJJ Video Vault such a unique experience is that it goes beyond being just a useful tool to learn new techniques and moves.  While that’s obviously a major selling point, it’s not the end all, which is something many other apps seem to struggle with at times.

    If you take time to see what the app offers, you’ll discover plenty of different tabs that appear on the main screen.  While you have the obvious—videos and instructional content—there is much more to be discovered here.

    The first thing that really struck me as cool and unique was the fact that they had made it a point to add the schedules for the IBJJF and NAGA.  By simply clicking one of those two tabs, you’ll be brought to a screen with all of the information you would need regarding competitions and how to sign up.

    The way that this piggybacks off of the actually instructional content is well thought out.  Chances are you will be spending plenty of time watching videos and working on your craft, so it’s only natural to want to show them off and test your skill in competition.

    By simply swiping down your screen, you’ll be literally moments away from signing up!

    Unique Ways To Learn New Techniques

    The content doesn’t seem to stop when you utilize the BJJ Video Vault.  Traditionally, the most common use of an app such as this would be to access the video content, and digest it until you have a new weapon in your grappling arsenal.

    While that’s a great way to go—give how there is over 700 videos—it won’t be the only way you find yourself taking in the content that is offered.

    The unique delivery and how the information is provided through the app is something that was very refreshing and was a breath of fresh air when I first opened this application up on my iPhone.

    If watching videos gets a little tiresome after a while, you can still learn and take in the information in a few different ways.  While it may not be the most cutting edge approach, the podcast provided through the app is sure to give some bullet-point worthy notes to jot down every time you listen.

    On top of that is the ultra-impressive BJJ Today section of the app.  Casting a wide net, this section provides content for all walks of BJJ life:


    Workout programs




    BJJ for Kids


    BJJ for Women


    BJJ for Beginners

    And that’s just scratching the surface!  Their willingness to go in-depth and offer outstanding content for every level of grappler is what makes this product such a unique, and refreshing tool to use.

    Dan Faggella

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