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Unofficial OTM Forum Contest

    Mon, 2006-02-06 10:29 — Gumby

    Okay, to get our forum a good head start, we're going to be having a contest of some kind involving either best post, or most replied post, or most prolific poster, or something like that.

    This forum has a ton of cool features built in that we haven't even figured out yet!

    Although i don't know exactly what the contest is going to be, I do know the prize will be $200 worth of OTM stuff, so it's definitely going to be worth your while to participate! So quit lurking and come on and start posting!

    Tulio Perrone's picture

    How've u been Gumby????


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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey Scotty if you are going to start speaking in another language then I am going to speak in what I know best "Gun Foo" It is an excellent style in which I yell "Let me see your hands, Get down on the ground."

    By the way when are you going to come take a ride with me. You don't have to ride in the back this time. LOL :cool: :cool:

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    Tulio Perrone's picture

    Fala Scotty!!!!!!

    Valeu mermao, estava mesmo querendo ver esse dvd do Dave!!!!
    Estou a fim de te visitar em LA, vou te ligar esses dias.
    Grande abraco!!!!

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    KibunInc's picture

    Well you know how it goes Scott. If I am doing well on the night you can ride in the front. But if it gets close to the end of shift and I need a stat... well, :cool: that is the way it goes.

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    mfowlerbjj's picture

    just wait til i get back from japan.....scotty..make sure i gots a nice OTM shirt to party with!!!

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    Marty Post's picture

    Mike has great hair and very good jiu jitsu. I think he will win.

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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey I would like to see OTM VS Sherdog. The owners from OTM can do a cage match with Jeff and Garret. I will put my money on OTM.

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