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Brennan vs Shaolin

    Mon, 2006-02-06 13:34 — letsroll

    I don't doubt that Brennan is a good fighter, I just can't believe that he has gotten into arguing online (jjgear forum) when people say he is going to lose.

    How immature do you have to be to get into a pissing match with web posters?

    Of course, all of it got back to Shaolin, who is now going to beat him like the red headed step child he is.

    letsroll's picture

    True but

    The forums are a place where armchair quarterbacks can be foolish. It is not where "professional" fighters come and argue, unless they want to be called names and be picked on. I can see where Chris felt that Wander was talking trash and his response to him was justified but he would have been better served to never log on again.

    But I am not complaining, for people on the internet, we love the controversy. I wish I could be in Oio that weekend.

    Btw - good luck on the forums. Get Chris to post here and you will definately get the traffic back.

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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey there is no problems with a fighter talking shit, the only thing is that he then has to back it up. Maybe Chris likes to put the stress on himself to make himself perform in the fihgt. Anyway I look forward to watching a good fight. :cool:

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    GROUNDHOG's picture

    posters @ are ridiculous. they sicken me.


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    GROUNDHOG's picture

    Gumby wrote:
    I thought you WERE the forum!

    that's just Sam Kim imping my style. what a freak!

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    Cobraguard's picture

    I talked to Chris that Saturday after the fight, his eye looked pretty bad

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