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Thoughts on Mir vs Pe de Pano

    Tue, 2006-02-07 02:07 — Gumby

    I think this was a very stupid match up to give Mir for his return to the Octagon; and obviously he was given this match up because they thought Pe De Pano, with only one other MMA match in his career, would be an easy match up. The first problem being that Mir's specialty is submission, and while he has been impressive in the UFC, in terms of pure grappling skill he is not even in the same category. Second problem was evident at the weigh in; at 257 pounds Mir was going to gas quickly, where as at 233 Pe de Pano was in better shape than most of BJJ and Submission Grappling wins. I am not sure if the leg played a factor in Mir's loss as much as the mat rust. Once it hit the ground it was all Pe de Pano; he may be submittable, but the "Hail Mary" submissions that Mir can get against lesser grapplers were clearly not going to work here.

    One thing that really surprised me was talking to a number of hard core jiu jitsu enthusiasts, many of whom have not cared for Pe de Pano's actions in the past, and they were decidedly very happy that he won, and moreover that Frank Mir lost. I think if Pe de Pano continues to show the level of dedication he obviously has for MMA and look to become well rounded, and minds his manners, than he can actually win over American fans who were rooting against him before.

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    This was a great fight. I thought for sure that Mir would walk all over him. Never thinking it would go to the ground. I have been watching Pe de Pano in grappling events for years. He's cocky and arrogant, but backs it up. I can't wait to see him in future UFC's. Cruz vs. Buentello would be a good fight, but Cruz better take it to the ground. I just hope they don't put him in there with AA too soon.

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    De Pano is a great grappler, but I wanted Mir to win. Oh well AA will take De Pano out easily. :cool:

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    BALEIA's picture

    I dont like Pe De Pani very much but respect his skills on the mat. He has beaten every top fighter in jiu-jitsu. Even though he has manboobs and piss poor boxing I think hes gonna be UFC Champ or #1 Contender at the least one day soon!

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    burien top team's picture

    What's the beef against Pe de Pano?

    I was torn because Pe de Pano is Gracie Barra (GBCT), but an impressive Mir victory might have meant an eventual UFC champion who was mostly a jiu jitsu guy. What kind of upside does Cruz have? How good can he get in MMA/NHB?

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