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Thoughts on Monson vs Hinkle

    Tue, 2006-02-07 01:12 — Gumby

    I don't really know much about Hinkle other than his fight record and ability to smash Shawn Gannon (who's appearance in the UFC only because of the lack of good heavyweights), but Jeff Monson is a very good friend and I was rooting for him all the way. If you've been following the grappling circuit for any legnth of time you've probably seen Jeff compete, and he gets better with every match he has. I was happy because he was able to show off what he's about from his top and bottom game, and then to finish off his opponent with his signature North South choke. I'm sure he didn't event it, but sine he seems to be the best at it right now I'm going to call that move "the Monsonator".

    BTW, nice shorts Jeff, and thanks for the support!

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    It was a good fight. Monson is a great grappler. Hinkle is a good wrestler, but doesn't have much else. Yes he beat Sean Gannon, but who the hell is he? He beat a gangster named Kimbo Slice and that gets him into the UFC? I would like to see Monson vs. Pe de Pano. They seem to have this rivalry that would add more fury to their fight.

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    Perhaps. I still think it would be a great fight. Something the UFC could build up a little. I don't really like when grapplers face other grapplers though, because 95% of the time I want the grappler to win, that's why it's easier when a "grappler" faces a "striker."

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