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Mike Fowler vs Daisuke "Amazon" Sugie Japan

    Fri, 2006-02-10 10:28 — Gumby

    This match has gotten the official go-ahead and Mike Fowler is currently training hard for his debut in the land of the rising sun!

    Daisuke "Amazon" Sugie is considered the number one BJJ'er from Japan right now, and so a victory for Fowler would be a HUGE boost to his career. Furthermore, the Japanese viewpoint it that the American Jiu Jitsu scene is somehow inferior to their own (they feel differently about sub-grappling however) and to the game of the Brazilians, so a good performance from Fowler would be set to put all Americans on the map.

    Go Mike!!!

    mfowlerbjj's picture

    I tried!!! Scotty work your magic!!.... i wonder how you say cougar in japanese.....

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    Tulio Perrone's picture

    Eat sum sushi for me bro, good luck!

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    mfowlerbjj's picture

    Thanks Tulio! What u been up to? I havent seen u since like......2003?

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    BlueEyedSamurai's picture

    Is this going to be a straight jiu-jitsu match? What type of event will it be in? Anyways Mike, I've seen you in a couple of videos and you are a very impressive grappler. Good luck to you and I look forward to watching more of your fights.

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    mfowlerbjj's picture

    Yeah its a jiujitsu gi fight at a Shooto event. I appreciate it all bro!!!

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    JWBJJ's picture

    Fowler will win, and represent.

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    aberfitch's picture

    whats up fowler. Its clay in fort worth with peak bjj (paul halmie) school. Good luck on the fight. I know you will win dude. Your awsome.

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    JWebb's picture

    Great job representing Mike! Sounds like it was a tough match at 0-0 and of course theres no way your going to get the decision over the home town guy in that situation. Maybe when you get time you could give us your thoughts on how it played out.

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    Amechi's picture

    good luck, dude.

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    mfowlerbjj's picture

    Thanks for the support!!! I am going to do my best!

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