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BJ x GSP - Your thoughts?

    Sun, 2006-02-12 12:27 — Scotty

    I hope everyone is betting on GSP. I hear the odds are going to be 2 to 1 on GSP. I only hope to get some money on it before the hawaiians get to LV.

    I think GSP is awesome. Great guy. He might be a little better wrestler than BJ but other than that BJ is the better fighter. But, conditoning could be a factor. I think we'll see a sub in the second round by BJ. A triagle i am betting.

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    Amechi's picture

    i'm really excited about this one. all you have to do is watch highlight videos of these two and you cant help but get pumped up. i was hoping that gsp would be able to fight (and beat) hughes, and then penn would be able to come in and take the belt from gsp, but i can't complain. we have some great matches at 170.

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    BlueEyedSamurai's picture

    I think there would be just as much intrigue in a Hughes x GSP rematch as there would be with Hughes x BJ. With the UFC being on Spike now, new viewers have gotten to know GSP more than they have BJ.
    I just got done watching BJ vs. Renzo, and BJ didn't look like his old self, the added weight must have slowed him down a bit. I hope with this fight being at 170lbs he'll come back in better shape, cause we all know GSP will push this fight.

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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey you are going to interview GSP? good luck understanding him. :cool:

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    burien top team's picture

    Wow, BJ as an underdog at 170? Those would be odds worth taking every time.

    I like BJ by armbar--transitioning from a triangle--round two. I'm hoping GSP looks good, though, in defeat.

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    Amechi's picture

    i have bets with two people for bj. gsp is the man, but i just can't bet against bj. dude is sick.

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    KibunInc's picture

    GSP would be better if he bought my video. I think BJ to win by the second round. :cool:

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    BlueEyedSamurai's picture

    I am torn. I like both of these fighters alot and don't want either of them to lose. On the other hand this will be a great fight. I just watched GSP pummel Frank Trigg last night. I can't call a winner on this one, I just look forward to it.

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