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Official OTM Forum Contest #1

    Sun, 2006-02-12 20:40 — Gumby

    Okay, time for our first OTM Forum contest to liven things up a bit around here!

    Simply post your best OTM related picture (picture with one or more of the OTM logos in it) here on the forum, and the best picture (as judged by Scotty and myself) wins! This could be a picture of you on the podium wearing your OTM, out on the town, a tattoo, your girlfriend wearing nothing but an OTM patch (we have a few of those already). Be creative, have fun!

    The best posting will get an OTM Gear package worth about $200 bucks. Included in the package will be the new OTM board shorts, a package of popular OTM shorts including the JJ Cross, Wood Cut and OTM logo, the Dress Belt and Incognito jacket we all know you want and some patches. Second place will be 2 t-shirts of our choice.

    Contest deadline is March 1st, which should give you plenty of time to come up with something interesting.

    Note, your picture must be hosted on the net to be posted here. There is a handy picture link button at the top of the post a message box. If you need help hosting your picture contact me and I'll post it.

    Have fun and good luck!

    Marty Post's picture

    Marco Swarthmore wrote:
    :p /Users/Frank/Desktop/IMG_1153.JPG

    ahhh IDIOT!!

    use this site to upload the fotos 1st!

    Cut and paste the "forum code" and then you can see your pics!

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    Marco Swarthmore's picture

    Roll that shit, lite that shit, smoke it

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    Marco Swarthmore's picture

    Watsonville Shooting Range: Taking all precautions

    Close Range Jiu-Jitsu.........Long Range 357-jitsu

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    FrankieGoes2Hollwood's picture

    Lingua Longa

    Ladies Love the OTM Steezzzzzzzzz:p

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    FrankieGoes2Hollwood's picture

    An OTM weekend
    Kickin it on the rocks at Natural Bridges...gettin crunked

    Chillen at the Wharf w sea lions bellow...we tried to get one them to put the shirt on but all they wanted was fish

    For those that are hearing impaired we'll use sign language to get the message across

    Representin: Porra, Bats, Sampson

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    FrankieGoes2Hollwood's picture

    Couldn't forget the money shot

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    FrankieGoes2Hollwood's picture

    Scotty wrote:
    Looks like Big Mike is in the Lead!!

    Which photos are Big Mike's so i know what needs to be topped?

    I've got on the way thats fersure an OTM win

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    FrankieGoes2Hollwood's picture

    The security of OTM

    And for my final stunt I drank a fifth of segrams whiskey and hung upside down over a 25 ft bridge with the only thing saving me from falling was big doug holding me by the ankles and my OTM shirt.


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    Marco Swarthmore's picture

    Whats up with the contest winner???

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