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Fing V-Day!!! Did you get sucked in? How was it?

    Wed, 2006-02-15 02:10 — Scotty

    Well how was your V Day? Mine was great. I am single. I didn't even answer the phone. I did go out to eat. I saw all these couples eating but none smiling. Well that is a lie there was one couple.

    So how was your Vday? Impossible to make her happy? or was it all luv n kisses?

    Amechi's picture

    lol @ "saw all these couples eating but none smiling."

    i went to the gym and went to bed. some chick called me and asked, "can i come over so we can make out for valenties day? but we can't have sex." i was like, "ummmmm, i'll pass on that one."

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    Amechi's picture

    Bevois wrote:
    LOL.. I would have been like sure and while you're at it, why don't you come over and make me a nice seafood dinner that I'm not allowed to eat. Women are so retarded at times and by "at times" I mean most of the time.


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    Tulio Perrone's picture

    Scotty wrote:
    They can be pretty slutty too thank god. I bet she wanted to get laid but had her anti-slut sheild up. she wanted some but didn't want to seem like she needed it. So she just needed an excuse to come over and party, so she could tell her friends that "Oh well i went over for dinner and one thing lead to another!" ya right!! :eek:

    Professor Scotty, when is you book coming out????

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    WrestlingPod's picture

    I got to avoid the V-Day. We both agreed that it's a stupid holiday and spent $0 on each other. Success!! :D

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    Marty Post's picture

    My Vday was boring. I didn't do shit.

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    JWebb's picture

    I got lucky and had to work anyway so didnt have to worry about taking the wife out. Just gave her a card and called it a day.:)

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