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Battle on the Boardwalk Predictions

    Fri, 2006-02-17 17:25 — Gumby

    I dunno about this one. The BJJ show seems like it was tacked on at the last second; i didn't get the press release until Monday for this show, and as of Wednsday they were still looking for fighters for the superfights. I understand the MMA portion had similar headaches, as there was a definite miscommunication between the promoters and the IFC.

    For the BJJ portion, there are two divisions, above and below 200:

    Under 200
    Steve Kim (Ricardo Almeida)
    Andre Maracaba (Saulo)
    Paulo Guillobel (Machado)
    Cassio Werneck (BTT)

    Over 200
    Xande Ribeiro (Saulo)
    Renato Zabonato (Rigan Machado)
    Rafael Lovato Jr. (Saulo)
    Eduardo Arrivabene (OCjj)

    Without knowing if any other competitors are entering (doubtful), I'm pretty confident in picking Cassio in the under 200 division and Xande Riberio in the over (Lovato will win his match and bow out to Xande).

    Paulo Guillobel may prove a spoiler in the under 200 division, he's solid all around and always give a good account of himself, however in the big competitions he always seems to fall a little short. I think of Guillobel as the litmus test in the middleweight gi category. He's the best of the "good" black belts out there in this division, but he has yet to put himself in the "great" category. Hard to say what he needs to do to push himself to that level, as he has a well rounded, but overall not exceptional game. This may be Guillobel's chance to break through, as this is JJ Machado's tournament he likely had the most advance notice and thus time to prepare for this tournament. With his mentor on hand, he's got to want to prove something here. Cassio on the other hand, is one of the greats in this division and thus is the favorite. Cassio is exceptionally strong in this division, has some wicked half guard sweeps and is very willing to "play the game", which may be a factor with $2000 on the line.

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