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    Sun, 2006-02-19 13:44 — ieatchicken

    Do I bring it back? Let it die? Forget it ever happened?

    You the good people of OTM let me hear your voices for I have my head in the clouds from working too much and going back to college.

    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    Persnally I think it should never come back! People have more than enough to go off of and sites to look at. Just to have one more wanna be site to go to is one to many. There are way to many of them out there that claim they are sites but when it comes to quality sites and information there are only about 3 or 4 out there. I think personally Krazy Mike is one of the best writers out there!

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    ieatchicken's picture

    You my friend are a jackass and should be shot. That is all.

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    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    WHAT??? You disagree with me! Prove me wrong my friend! LOL Anyways took ya damn long enough to find this and post something. How many times did I call ya on this?

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    dave_lias's picture

    i am interested in training and i live in chino hills. do you know of anywhere to go? thank you for your time.

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    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    Ya know you may be able to go down to torrance and train with one of the machados or someplace like that. Not real sure at this moment who is still out there. Give me a bit I can do some research and see what I can come up with.

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    epstein's picture


    im bringing back mc hammer pants:D

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    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    Hammer pants NEVER go out of style. Isnt that was BJJ britches are made of?:D

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