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Gameness Vs HCK Vs...

    Wed, 2006-02-22 08:25 — sparky

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I currently own two atama gold weave kimonos and I'm very pleased with them. However I was thinking of getting a third gi from another brand to try something else. I've heard lots of good things primarly from gameness and howard combat kimonos but also from some other brands like keiko raca, koral,.... Almost all the guys in my gym have HCK gi's and are pleased with them. I'm thinking about getting the new platinum weave gameness gi but it's rather expensive so I want to make sure that it really is good quality before I buy it. Does anyone have this gi or another gi from gameness (the original gameness, not the one from Brazil)? Do you like them? Or should I go for HCK instead of gameness? Is there any other brand that you guys could advise me? Thanks in advance.

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    thanx for the advice!

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    burien top team's picture

    I should probably wait a week. I've got a Platinum Gameness (white) that I've been rolling in for the past few weeks and a HCK single on order (should be here this afternoon or tomorrow morning).

    I had a Gameness single that I liked--which is one of the reasons why I got the Platinum weave. The Platinum weave is very nice, feels durable and "tough" without being heavy. Right now, it's my "everyday" training gi (LOL, I only train three times a week ...). But we'll see what happens when the HCK arrives.

    I had a blue Ouano single for a short time (it was too big and wouldn't shrink to fit). I didn't get a chance to roll in it before I sold it to a new student, but trying it on made me curious about buying one in the future.

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    I currently am using a Krugan's gi that I love. It is incredibly comfortable. Add that to your list of considerations.

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    I've had an Atama, Koral, Gameness, and HCK and while I prefer the lighter Koral the Gameness is def. superior to HCK IMO. I haven't tried out the new Gameness(purchased my last one a year ago) but I know that their products are always good quality, the collar is thick and makes it a little more difficult to choke. The pands are snug(I prefer a little more loose fit for comfort) and also make it hard to grab (or easier to break grips). The draw string on the pants is nice too.

    So to answer your question, I beleive Gameness > HCK. If I had to rank them based on what I have owned I would say:

    1. Koral
    2. Gameness
    3. Atama
    4. Serius
    5. HCK

    For a competition Gi I put Gameness at the top. Plus their customer service is better than everyone.

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