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Joe Camacho - DEEP "Real Rhythm" - March 4th

    Thu, 2006-02-23 11:49 — Joe Camacho

    Okay everybody, I'm on route to Japan again.

    I'll be fighting in DEEP - "Real Rhythm 3" on March 4th against Shoot's very own, "Takahiro Kajita".

    Here he is:

    Here's the line up:

    My debut in Japan landed me on the undercard slot and knocking out the last Shooto/Pancrase verteran, Masaki Yagyu,
    it put on the main events slot, two down from the MAIN EVENT bout, Jutaro Nakao vs Seichi Ikemoto for the welterweight Championship.

    Well, word has it that if I beat this guy, my career in Japan will be sky rocketing and land me in bigger shows such as let's say for example....


    If it all goes well, Team Boon will pay me a monthly salary just to train.

    I fight for Team Boon, a Internation Team of fighters designed & produced by the DEEP oraganization to form an elite International Team, a Global
    Team. I'm the only fighter representing the U.S. so it's a big deal. I'm considered to be Team Boon - America.

    I'm going in as "G.I. Joe" Camacho

    It's a gimmick they want to try to give me a character. I'm coming out dressed in my camo shorts with the American flag around my shoulders.

    It's actually cool from what they've told me. They choreographed and entrance with a smoke, M-16s, and troops.

    The Japanese love that kind stuff and it should be wild. I can't wait.

    I fly out on March 1st so get at me quick if you're a journalist writing for a magazine, website, or news paper and get the
    story from my last visit.

    Otherwise....stay tuned!!!!!

    Visit my Profile on ya'll :

    Thank you

    Joe Camacho

    (626) 536-2437

    sparky's picture

    Good luck fighting in japan. I think you rock by the way:)

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    shoyoroll's picture

    good luck joe.. .hahaha.. bling bling :)

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    Joe Camacho's picture

    Thank ya'll.

    I've been post'n this on almost every forum and I'm getting support and love from many friends and fights fans.

    Right on!!!!! :)

    Ed Hardy

    That's funny. :D

    Hey Scotty, all I gotta say is Aline was "bling-bling".

    SUPER DOPE!!!!!!! :)

    Good looking out Bear.

    Thank you lots Sparky.

    God Bless ya'll :)

    Joe Camacho

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