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if you had to pick one mma fighter who you enjoy watching the most

    Fri, 2006-03-03 03:07 — sparky

    I'm not sure if this has to come in the 'on the mat' forum, since mma happens in a ring...
    If you had to pick one mma fighter out of any weightclass, organisation (ufc, pride, cage rage,...) or time who you enjoy watching the most, who would it be? For me it is Kazushi Sakuraba. He's always calm, he doesn't try to 'act tough', he brings humor to the ring and he's always entertaining and spectacular to watch (during his fights and when he's walking to the ring). I also like his unorthodox techniques. Furthermore he's one of the best ground/submission fighters mma has ever known. I know he's not a jiu-jitsu fighter and that he beat a lot of gracies but you just gotta love him! Anyone on the forum who doesn't like Sakuraba? Genki Sudo comes in close after Sakuraba (mainly for the same reasons). Rickson Gracie, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera and a lot of other Gracies are also high on my list. If I had to choose a fighter I hate watching it would be Yoshida. What about you guys?

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    Two of my favorite fighters to watch now are set to face each other this weekend:GSP vs. Penn. They are both exciting and bring lots of action to the ring every time. They can win by either submission or knockout. I've always been of fan of the grapplers ever since I saw Royce in UFC 2.

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    Frank Shamrock
    BJ Penn
    W. Silva
    Rampage Jackson
    Frank Mir :cool:

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    rumina sato, he's always attacking
    but these guys follow him
    fedor of course, he's constantly controling the fight
    tony desouza, he needs to fight in the us or japan so i can see him fight again
    genki sudo, entertaining to say the least
    matsui, HEART or maybe he's retarded

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