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De La Riva seminar Buffalo, NY area May 13th

    Tue, 2006-04-04 06:29 — MattG

    De La Riva Seminar

    May 13th, 2006: Ricardo De La Riva will be conducting a three hour Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Western New York MMA Academy 215 Walnut Street, Lockport, NY

    5th Degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under GrandMaster Carlson Gracie
    One of the most influential and creative fighters in the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    Famous for inventing the "De La Riva Guard"
    Voted one of the five top BJJ players in the world by Gracie Magazine
    Undisputed victories over Royler, Rolker and Royce Gracie

    About Ricardo De La Riva:
    Ricardo De La Riva Goded, pupil of the GrandMaster Carlson Gracie, started to train in January of 1980, at age 15 years old, in the house of family friend Marcos Vinícios - also a pupil of Carlson Gracie. When Marcos noticed the ability with jiu-jitsu of De La Riva while still a blue belt, he took him to the academy of Carlson Gracie where he continued his training.

    Since the beginning, De La Riva helped Master Carlson to give lessons until in 1986 he was awarded the black belt. It was at this time that the great mark of Master De La Riva became known: his style of classic and offensive fight where one leaves, mainly, the hook known as "De La Riva Guard". A great part of this knowledge came through undisputed victories against great adversaries such as Royce, Royler and Rolker Gracie. De La Riva defeated Rolker and Royce in the same competition (Royler twice).

    In 1993 he stopped competing regularly to dedicate exclusively to teaching his pupils, having formed or helped in the formation of such champions as Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogério Minotouro, and Marcelo Grosso amongst others.

    Now Master De La Riva is giving seminars around the world where he recounts a little of his life and he shows his magnificent technique.

    COST $60

    1pm-4pm Saturday, May, 13th

    To reserve your spot call 716-433-8683

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    prereg by the 6th and save $20

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