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Met a family friend of Douglas Dedge this weekend

    Tue, 2006-04-04 09:33 — Gumby

    So I was introduced as someone being fairly actively involved in the sport, and the reaction I got right off the bat was "oh that Ultimate Fighting stuff is too dangerous, I know someone who died from that." I was about to be like yeah right, and go into my safer than boxing speech, but the she mentioned that she grew up with Dedge.

    Douglas Dedge was of course, the one known fatality in MMA. Not much I could say to that.

    i did emphasize a few things, mainly it was determined he had a pre-exisitng condition (she didn't disagree) and that things were much safer now, but that the UFC and MMA (she didn't understand the difference) were actually quite a bit safer and more regulated now. However, they are definitely not suited for everyone.

    I wanted to make a clear distintion between MMA and BJJ/Submission Grappling however. As I have stated many times in the past, I actually prefer BJJ/Sub Grappling to MMA for a number of different reasons. i wouldn't take children to an MMA event, but kids compete in BJJ/Sub Grappling all of the time. I also speiled on the benefits of BJJ training for everyone and anyone.

    I don't think she would EVER come around to liking MMA (and I can't say I blame her), but she she seemed genuinely interested in learning more about jiujitsu, so i had a pretty good feeling overall.

    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    I have always believed you and Scotty are the two best ambassadors for BJJ and MMA you seem to always have the right things to say and say them well. (K now the ass kissing my commence! :D )

    She may not like MMA but BJJ/Submission wrestling is the heart and soul of this sport and its hard for some to understand that its different and very kid oriented. (Sometimes! Guys getting high in bathrooms while kids are in there still pisses me off but hey they are finding their third eye right!)

    So what was the result of your conversation with her? Was she positive or still defensive?

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    Yeah I tend to not argue the MMA thing if they have a dislike for it. I just have my own opinon and they have theirs. Its all good. I think BJJ is good for anyone that wants to get into shape and get into better shape for themselves but they have to want to do it for themselves. Shawn (My other half) has been working out alot and has lost weight but she has no desire to train BJJ, she runs and we run the hill in the back of the property. As for self defense I cant argue the BJJ for self defense for anyone. And getting out of there in any case is good cause getting hit hurts and for a lady it gets even worse. Sounds like you made a friend and hope she checks out Ralphs.

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    I find it very hard to feel sorry about the guy dying when he knew no doctor would clear him to fight but did it anyway, having to travel 10,000 miles because he wanted to fight so bad. Especially since he had kids at home, he was a moron.

    All he did was damage the sport he supposedly loved for a number of years. Before The Ultimate Fighter put MMA in the mainstream America, every mention of it would get "People die in that all the time."

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