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PRIDE Bushido 10 comments

    Tue, 2006-04-04 13:22 — finlayson

    I'm surprised that noone has commented yet on PRIDE (shown last night on PPV). Some personal comments:

    - Great win by Aurelio, exploiting Gomi's 'Archilles Heel'. As several people have noted in the past, Gomi seems weakest when fighting off his back, and this time he ran across someone who was even stronger - and with even better ground skills - than he. (However, I didn't appreciate the way Aurelio ground his chin in Gomi's eye socket as he was tightening the choke.) I'm looking forward to a rematch, after Gomi (presumably) takes time away from his standup training to tighten up his ground skills. In any event, Aurelio seems to have a bright future.
    - I was impressed by Dan Henderson's opponent: Kazuo Misaki. He showed great tenacity and cardio. (In contrast, Henderson seemed a bit underdone for this fight, and almost paid for it.)
    - The Jens Pulver and Joachim Hansen fights were the most entertaining of the night, IMHO.
    - Paulo Filho's ground skills were impressive: very technical and smooth.
    - Now that Randy Couture has retired, Matsuhiro Ishida (who won the first fight) might now take the title of "freakiest cauliflower ears in MMA". When I first saw him in the pre-fight interview, I thought that those were earphones (for translation) sticking out of his ears!
    - Am I the only one who finds the voice of that female PRIDE announcer (who likes to roll her "R"s, while screaming like a banshee) really sexy? I imagine her being a really foxy little vixen who's smoking hot in bed :-)
    - It seems I'm not the only person who's annoyed by Mauro Ranallo's incessant ass-kissing. At one point during last night's show, co-host Frank Trigg piped up "stop being so kind".


    Amechi's picture

    Gumby wrote:

    If anything, her voice reminds my of a Japanese [=arial,sans-serif][=-1]Frau Farbissina (from Austin Powers if you don't recall).

    Wow, the two of you together just put an interesting picture in my head! :eek:

    ***pukes all over keyboard***

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    grymlok's picture

    heh I just found this thread while trying to find out the announcer chick's name...

    she's not Frau Farbissina... she's friggin Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome... and yes, I too think she's one of the most excellent things about Pride FC... hearing her shriek the fighters' names like some sort of crazy amazon freak adds a lot to the atmosphere of the events in my opinion...

    so, does anyone know her name?


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    finlayson's picture

    I think I read somewhere that she's actually a middle-aged Caucasian-American woman. So, she'd actually be a better match for me than the foxy little Japanese vixen from my imagination - but not nearly as exciting :-)


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