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UFC Pics

    Sat, 2006-04-15 11:30 — Gumby

    Amended because I'm running really late:

    UFC 59 Reality Check

    Funny thing is, I'm here in Socal at the moment, but probably won't be able to watch the UFC live or on PPV, because I should be on a plane back home tonight.

    I think this is going to be a good card, and I know a lot of the fighters personally, so I really can't wait to see this. One thing that will be really interesting is how much the CSAC gets involved with regulating this show; it will be an important test for either the athletic commission or the UFC.

    Evan Tanner vs Justin Levens: Evan Tanner

    Evan Tanner has at least five times the amount of experience Justin Levens has and has been in the Octagon before. I'm surprised that this fight is going to be allowed given the CSAC's regulations on experience. Furthermore, Levens is coming off a loss, and less than impressive win against Jorge Oliveria (KO from slam from triangle after being manhandled much of the match). I'll grant Levens is tough, but Evan Tanner will just be too much I think.

    Thiago Alves vs Derrick Noble: Thiago Alves

    Jason Lambert vs Terry Martin Jason Lambert

    Karo Parisyan vs Nick Thompson Karo Parisyan

    David Terrell vs Scott Smith David Terrell

    Jeff Monson vs Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz Jeff Monson

    The UFC website lists Jeff has being 6'1. Who are they kidding? Pe de Pano has to be 7'2 in comparison. I'm impressed by Pe de Pano's shape, both fighters weighed in the same at 230. That's slightly light for Monson, and I think I actually saw ab definition on Pe de Pano. For a long time I was predicting a very one sided fight for Monson, now I'm less sure, Pe de Pano looks like he is taking his MMA career very seriously. He is still very untested however. A lot has been made of their rivalry on the grappling circuit. After talking with them it's more of a professional rivalry than a personal one, but it's still red hot. Pe de Pano is 2-1 against Monson (one win very controversial), however Monson's win was more dominant. Monson's grappling style is more suited to MMA than Pe de Pano's as well I believe. Monson is still the favorite, but he is close to the top of his potential in MMA, where as Pe De Pano still has some way to go.

    Nick Diaz vs Sean Sherk Sherk (although I'm really, really rooting for Diaz)

    Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin Griffin in an upset

    Andrei Arvloski vs Tim Sylvia Arvloski

    I was coming out of LAX (the club, not the airport) on Wendsday and everyone was saying how they saw Arvloski coming out of the club next door. How seriously can Arvloski be taking a fight with a man he took out so easily? You know Tim Sylvia has wanted this match up since the very last one happened. Do I see anything changing here? Not really, Sylvia always has a puncher's chance, but Arvloski is better on the feet and better on the ground.

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