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Elite Grapplers Championship

    Tue, 2006-04-25 18:37 — EliteGrapplers



    (Who's school's #1?)

    This is a double elimination Gi tournament. A GRAND PRIZE of $500 will be given to the individual school that takes 1st place for the adults tournament and $200 will be given to the school that takes 1st in the kids event. Here's your chance to show support and give back to the instructors and schools that teach us day in and day out the sport we've all grown to love!!

    Date of event: July 8th (adults) July 9th (kids)
    Place: Flower Mound, TX....... YMCA
    Price: Pre-Registration: $47.00 (adults) $40.00 (kids)
    Spectators: $7.00 children 12 and under free..

    All competitors receive a free t-shirt and raffle ticket and spectators receive a raffle ticket with entry fee.

    Raffle drawings will be held throughout the event and will include:
    3 Planet Tan gift packages, including 3 month membership and lotions
    Fight gear & clothing from and Darkgift
    Tickets to an (IFF) International Freestyle Fighting event
    Dinner for 2 @ Hooters
    and more..........

    After the adult event Hooters in Lewisville is hosting an after party for our competitors.

    There will be hotel discounts for those of you coming in from out of town. Close to Hooters!! Crawl back to your hotel!! :lol:

    Everyone's invited throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana.

    Some of our sponsors are IFF (International Freestyle Fighting), Hooters, Planet Tan,, Dark Gift Combat, Phoenix Floors, and YMCA.

    Thank you for your support, train hard and we'll see everyone in July!!

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    We are excited to announce that CHRIS BRENNAN will be a guest ref. at our event July 8th permitting his Pride schedule will allow it. He will also have a booth set up for those of you that want to purchace his gear.

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    Are there any BROWN Belts that would like to compete? As of right now we are not holding a Brown Belt division, but if we get enough response we might hold one!! Please let me know!

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    Just to update everyone we have added a Brown Belt division, FREE to all Brown Belts to compete!! All interested must mail registration forms by JUNE 16th to register. Since there's not a Brown Belts division on our registrtion forms if you would please write in BROWN under belt color and what weight you will be competing at.

    Here are the weight classes:
    160pds & under
    160.01pds - 180pds
    180.01pds & up

    Same team points for 1st, 2nd & 3rd as Purple Belts..

    SSF has generously offered a Gi and a couple pairs of their shorts for our raffle drawing to our competitors!! Please if you have a chance check out their website @ for more GREAT products!! for reg. forms and other info!!

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    I've had a few Brown Belts contact me about competing, but saw the Brown Belt Division Update late. So I've decided to give it until June 30th. The same date all Pre-Registration is due. There will be points for this division!! So if your a Brown Belt and want to step up for your school please send in those registration forms!

    Just a reminder, please write down on your form one of the above weight classes..


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    You can pre-register by visiting us @ and downloading our reg. form. So far some of the schools we've invited to attend are Star Jiu Jitsu, NDBJJ, Terry Corkran's Academy, Machado, Mohlers, Lovato Jiu Jitsu, Xavier, Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Lutters, Rev. Dojo, Peakbjj, Carlson Gracie Team Texas, Vandry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Definitive Martial Arts & C.C Paragon Bjj just to name a few. We will be visiting some of these schools in the next few weeks to meet everyone and drop off registration forms & event flyers. If I've left some schools out please let me know. The more the merrier!! "Who's school's #1?""

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    This is a double elimination Gi tournament.
    $500.00 GRAND PRIZE to the school that takes 1st in the adults event.
    $200.00 GRAND PRIZE to the school that takes 1st in the kids event.
    Plus a 1st place team trophy!!

    Show school spirt!! Your school gets 1 point for everyone that registers to compete. 25% of those points go toward your teams over all total to help win the event. The more people competing from your school the greater your chances are at taking 1st place.

    ADULTS: (men & women)
    White belts:
    1st place = 5 points
    2nd place = 3 points
    3rd place = 1 point

    Blue Belts:
    1st place = 6 points
    2nd place = 4 points
    3rd place = 2 points

    Purple Belts:
    1st place = 7 points
    2nd place = 5 points
    3rd place = 3 points

    Adults Absolute: 1st place only = 10 points

    1st place = 4 points
    2nd place = 3 points
    3rd place = 1 point

    1st place = 6 points
    2nd place = 4 points
    3rd place = 2 points

    1st place = 7 points
    2nd place = 5 points
    3rd place = 3 points

    1st place = 5 points
    2nd place = 3 points
    3rd place = 1 point

    1st place = 6 points
    2nd place = 4 points
    3rd place = 2 points

    Kids absolute divisions: 1st place only = 10 points
    Teens absolute: 1st place only = 10 points

    Place: 2021 Cross Timbers Rd. Flower Mound, TX @ The YMCA

    Pre-weigh in's: Adults & kids: July 7th from 7pm- 9pm @ The YMCA (must be there by 8:30pm, doors will be closed after that time.) If you do no pre weigh in you will weigh in right before your first match. Adults will receive an 8pd. gi allowance. No gi allowance for kids or teens.

    Event Date & Time: July 8th (adults men & women)
    Rules Meeting at 9:15am
    Tournament starts at 9:45am-10:00am

    July 9th (kids & teens)
    Rules Meeting 1:30pm
    Tournament starts at 2:00pm
    (We're starting the kids tournament later to allow people to attend church, however there will be 3-4 mats open to speed up the tournament.)

    Late Registration: After June 30th. Late registration day of adults event is from 8am-9am ONLY and for kids/teens day of event is from 1pm-1:30pm ONLY!!

    Biginners: 0-7 months. (Please keep it for true beginners, give the little ones a chance!)
    Intermediate: 8-16 months
    Advance: 17 months & up
    (There are 8 weight classes for the kids.)

    Beginners: 0-18months
    Advance: 18 months & up
    (There are 7 weight classes for teens.)

    For more info. such as weight classes visit our website: You can also download reg. form online!!

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