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The Pan American of Submission Grappling (June 3, 2006)

    Fri, 2006-05-19 13:14 — Bevois

    The Pan American Championships are open to men, women and youth 5-17 years old.

    The following information is listed in order. Click read more below for complete information.

    Online Registration Form
    Downloadable Event Package
    Printable Registration Form
    Printable Team Rosters
    Tournament Location
    How to Enroll
    Weigh-in locations and information
    Tournament Schedule
    Coaches Registration Information
    Rated Season Points
    Air and Ground Transportation (Airfare as low as $72 roundtrip!)
    Food & Beverages
    No-Gi Submission Grappling Weight Classes, Divisions & Point System
    Detailed Rules

    Click here for Tournament packages and to Register online NOW at via the following options:

    Click here to Register online NOW

    click read more below for rules, ect..

    Event Package Word Format

    Event Package Web Format

    Registration Form Word Format

    Registration Form Web Format

    Team Roster for Men & Women

    Executives/Master/ Kids Roster

    Hall of Champions
    Long Beach City College
    4901 East Carson St.
    Long Beach, CA 90808
    Map & Driving Directions,+Long+Beach,+CA&spn=0.064752,0.160306&iwloc=A&hl=en

    Men, Women & Teens: $65

    Kids Division (5-12)
    1 Division $45

    Spectators tickets $10

    At the Door Registration - $20 late fee

    Enrollment (3 options)
    1) Mail a signed Registration Form along with a money order or check made payable to:
    GTA Tournaments and mail to: 1010 Aviation Blvd., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
    (Note: Mail-in registration must be postmarked no later than Saturday May 27)

    2) Register online: (Credit Card or Pay Pal)
    (Note: Online registration must be completed by Wednesday May 31st)

    3)Night before or day of Registration:

    Weigh-Ins (2 options):
    (There will be no weight allowance. If an athlete is within 3 pounds of their weigh class they will have until 1 hour before their scheduled division to make weight)

    1) Friday, June 2nd, 2006 between 10am-9pm at:
    OTM Fight Shop: 1010 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
    Driving directions for FRIDAY 10am-9pm Weigh-ins.

    2) Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 by your divisions scheduled deadline time at the tournament location.
    See schedule below for deadline times. (Anyone arriving after deadline will be penalized an additional $20 if the division has not started yet.)
    Driving directions for Saturday Weigh-ins and Tournament

    Weigh-ins will close and you will be disqualified if you are not present by the below listed times.
    Note: This is the earliest a division will be called. It does not necessarily reflect the actual fight time.

    No-Gi Submission Grappling
    Children (5-12): 9:30am
    Men Advanced: 10am
    Executive/Master Men: 10am Men Novice: 10am
    Teens (13-17): 12:30pm
    Men Beginners: 3pm
    Women: 4pm
    Men Intermediate 5pm

    RATED Season Point Accumulation Grappling Ratings
    5 Star Rated Event
    All competitors that place in the top four places will be awarded Rating points for the season tally.

    Hotel Huntington Beach is the official event hotel. There is an abundance of shopping, dining, night life, and more right across the street from the hotel.
    $69 a night for 4 persons.
    (714) 891-0123 (Group code= GTA)
    7667 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3073
    Hotel HB Information & Booking
    Driving directions

    Holiday Inn is close and has rooms available
    (562) 597-4401
    Holiday Inn Information & Booking

    Air Transportation:
    You can fly into Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport or Los Angeles International.
    If you Fly into Long Beach it is 2 blocks from tournament location and the best airfare deals are on Jet Blue Airlines Holiday Inn offers a free shuttle to and from the airport and tournament location per request.

    If you fly into John Wayne Airport, the Hotel Huntington Beach is offering a free shuttle to and from the airport and tournament location.

    If you fly into LAX you will definitely want a Rental car as it is 24 miles away from tournament location. LAX to Long Beach City College Map

    Ground Transportation:
    HERTZ Rent a Car will be offering economy cars at LAX for only 22.99 a day. Call (800) 654-2240 for more information and booking. Group code: CV022J1538 (Grappling Tournaments)

    Free shuttle to and from Hotel Huntington Beach and the John Wayne Airport. You can catch one bus straight to the tournament.

    From LAX Airport: Definately rent a car.

    The Tournament will have a full service food stand as well as serving Silvio's Brazilian BBQ & Sambazon Acai.

    No-Gi Submission Grappling Rules - Updated 2006 Season

    No-Gi Skill Levels:
    Novice: Less than 9 months
    Beginner: Nine months to 18 months
    Intermediate: 18 months to 3 years
    Advanced: More than 3 years
    Children/Teens: Beginner = Less than 12 months - Advanced = 12 months or greater
    Women: Beginner - Less than 12 months - Advanced - 12 months or greater
    Executive: 30-39 years - Beginner = Less than 12 months - Advanced = 12 months or greater
    Masters: Over 40 years - Beginner = Less than 12 months - Advanced = 12 months or greater

    Length of Matches:
    Novice: 4 minutes
    Beginner: 4 minutes
    Intermediate: 5 minutes
    Advanced: 6 minutes
    Children 3 minutes
    Teens 3 minutes
    Women: Beginner = 4 minutes - Advanced = 6 minutes
    Executive/Masters: Beginner = 4 minutes - Advanced = 5 minutes

    Men's No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Flyweight: 139.9 lbs. and below
    Featherweight: 140-149.9 lbs.
    Lightweight: 150-159.9 lbs.
    Welterweight: 160-169.9 lbs.
    Middleweight: 170-179.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 180-189.9 lbs.
    Light-Heavyweight: 190-199.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 200-209.9 lbs.
    Superweight: 210 lbs. and over

    Childrens No-Gi Weight Classes: Note: Children are matched as closely as possible
    Bantamweight: 50 lbs. and below
    Flyweight: 50-59.9 lbs.
    Featherweight: 60-69.9 lbs.
    Lightweight: 70-79.9 lbs.
    Welterweight: 80-94.9 lbs.
    Middleweight: 94-109.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 110-124.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 124 lbs. and over

    Teen No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Lightweight: 114.9 lbs. and below
    Welterweight: 115-129.9 lbs.
    Midldeweight: 130-149.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 150-169.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 170 lbs. and over

    Women's No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Class A: 119.9 lbs and below
    Class B: 120-134.9 lbs.
    Class C: 135-149.9 lbs.
    Class D: 150 lbs. and over
    Women's Absolute: Open Weight, Open Skill

    Executive & Masters No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Lightweight: 159.9 lbs and below
    Middleweight: 160-179.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 180-199.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over

    Point System:
    Takedown landing in Half or Full Guard: 2 points
    Takedown to Side Control or Mount: 3 points
    Sweep or Reversal w/ legs: 2 points
    Passing Opponent's Guard: 3 points
    Mounted Position: 4 points
    Back Control w/ Hooks: 4 points
    (All positions must be held for minimum 3 seconds)

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