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Big grappling tournament in Houston featuring Marcelo Garcia

    Sat, 2006-07-15 14:57 — ttooke

    Hey everyone. This is just a pre announcement to a big upcoming grappling tournament. The event is called Ground Control Championship and it will be held on November 4th at the Reliant Arena. We are still in the process of finalizing the website as well as other preparations(hotel, superfights, awards...etc.) . The tournament will feature 4 of the best black belts in the world(including Marcelo Garcia and Braulio Estima) fighting for the title along with an 8 man no-gi division which will feature some of the best local and national talent. We will also have gi and no-gi divisions for men, women, teens and children. As the event progresses we will make more announcements to keep everyone updated so don't forget to go check out and register with the website at

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    Just one month away from the biggest tournament in Texas. This tournament will feature Marcelo Garcia, Rafael Lovato, Mike Fowler, Romulo Barral, Bill Cooper, Hector Munoz and Vinicius "Pezao" Magalhaes plus many other local and international athletes. We are giving away an XBOX to the winner of the kids absolute(ages 7-12 only) plus Gameness gear and beautiful awards. Also, Scotty from onthemat will be there to film this great event and will produce some awesome DVD's. Don't forget to pre-register for big savings on entry fees. For more information please visit the website at See you in Texas!
    Travis Tooke-president

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    Thanks for the info. :cool:

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    Who is he fighting?

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    i'm competing for the first time there

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    Yeah thanks for the info

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    when are the weigh ins?

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