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Eddie Bravos book

    Sun, 2006-08-06 21:22 — IAMSCOTTINCALI

    I am currently reading Eddie Bravo's book Jiu Jitsu unleased and my first impression is VERY GOOD BOOK. It starts off with some very good commentary by Joe and a really interesting look at Eddies' background and why he does what he does. I will post here if anyone cares to see what I have to say or is interested in his book.

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    I actually didnt know what to think of it when I saw it on the net and his site so I went to B and N, got it and have read through the forward and most of what Eddie has to say. Pretty cool inside look of Bravo's beginnings and what made him go to and stay with BJJ then his evolution to no gi and what drove him to that style. (The fact that alot of the BJJ guys were losing in MMA because they would lay there and get beat) Pretty cool stuff. Looked at a couple of his moves in there and thought that he was very detailed in his discriptions and where to put what where etc. Not that great of pictures but with the detail he has written it makes sense! So on we go and I will let ya know how the other parts are.

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    Cool, let us know. I heard that it is a good book but no one has been very specific about it.

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    IAMSCOTTINCALI's picture

    Thats what I was hearing around the neighborhood so I thought I would look into it myself and see what was up. So far so good. I really like it although I havent had the time this week to sit and read it I have kind of flipped through the pages. I will post more this week about it.

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    Ive read most of it...its a good book....the thing i like about it most is that when you read other books you get a lot of the same stuff repeated, but with Eddies its all mostly pretty different stuff. innovative guy...
    Ive pulled off a lot of that stuff in class, the one ive been trying to do lately is the ninja....
    Also on the ADCC volume 1 theres a segment where eddie bravo is showing how do to the ninja, and this other transition from half guard to back that is pretty sweet...
    I dont know if his dvd is good though, havent got around to getting that yet....

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    KibunInc's picture

    Pictures and explanations please. I do not know what the ninja move is. :cool:

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    I hear that eddie can roll a joint with his feet! How bored was he?

    I seen that book. It is awesome. I hear he has a new book coming out too.

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    eddie bravos book


    have seen a bit of mastering the rubber guard. no experience as a grappler, so most of it is lost...

    just wondering, anyone know enough to rate eddie's capabilities as an instructor? how good are his guys? anyone face them as opponents?

    any input is welcomed.


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