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UFC 62 Predictions?

    Sat, 2006-08-26 09:38 — Gumby

    UFC 62 Predictions?

    Here's mine. If you want to make some money, you should probably go opposite my picks, because my UFC record has been fairly poor as of late. Plus more than a few of these guys, I have no idea who they are!

    Yushin Okami Vs. Alan Belcher: Yushin Okami (I have never seen either of these guys)

    Rob MacDonald Vs. Eric Schafer: Eric Schafer (I have never actually seen Eric Schafer)

    Cory Walmsley Vs. David Heath: Cory Walmsley (I have never seen either of these guys)

    Wes Combs Vs. Wilson Gouveia: Wilson Gouveia

    Hermes Franca Vs. Jamie Varner: Hermes Franca (The Frana that returns to the UFC is MUCH improved)

    Cheick Kongo Vs. Christian Wellisch: Cheick Kongo (I have never seen either of these guys. My sympathies are to Christian, as he is a relative local boy to me, but Kongo looks like a specimen from the pictures. Weghing in at 240 with a six pack? Scary.)

    Josh Neer Vs. Nick Diaz: Nick Diaz all the way, baby....

    Forrest Griffin Vs. Stephan Bonnar: Forrest Griffin

    Chuck Liddell Vs. Renato Sobral: I think it's time for Babalu now. He is vastly improved since their last encounter.

    KibunInc's picture

    I also went 7-2 in my predictions. I alsways think that someone is going to take Chuck to the ground and beat him. Chuck has a good take down defense and well placed punches. He is a great champion. :cool:

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    KibunInc's picture

    Ok here is how I think the figths will turn out. Who knows I may be wrong.

    Okami over Belcher by ground and pound leading to a submission.

    Schafer over McDonald I don't know why it just sounds like its going to be that way.

    Heath over Walnsly I think I have heard of Heath before. I am not sure but I believe he is suppose to be good. We will find out.

    Combs over Gouveia. Combs is tuff but lets see who shows up to fight.

    Kongo over Wellisch I think damn Wellisch must have a set to fight this guy but who knows maybe Wellsich will surprise us.

    Diaz over Neer but Neer could easyly knock Diaz out. Diaz is an over all better fighter with a good ground game but Neer has some of the fastest hands I have seen in a while.

    Griffin over Bonnar I feel Griffin is better but what happened to Bonnar after he lost on the show? I hardly hear form the guy. Griffin should have the title shot against Liddell.

    Soboral over Liddell. I have Babalu training at my friends gym the last couple of weeks. He is in shape and ready.

    Lets see what happens when the fighters end up Onthemat. :cool:

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